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Make Civ Great again? Listen to the community? No lies? 1.12 no 1.13 ( <-- Bad )

  1. Add 1.12 with 1.8pvp, Listen to our ideas, new staff, and talk to the community?

  2. Have a dead server that has potential, a trash update(1.13), and a bunch of bs lies.

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  1. TheFreshLemon

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    Aug 15, 2018
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    BAD (Didn't know what to call it so yea)
    • Derp doesn't listen to us
    • Staff is lazy except for Flag
    • Choose dumb choices and updates (cough 1.13)
    • You don't talk to the community and just assume we know what's in your mind
    • You lied "winter update" Where it at though all we got was "1.13 omg restart" so everyone would quit gg btw
    • Demoted Red one of the most active, well-known dude that did his job.
    • Unjustifiable Bans (Too many my dude)
    • Lemon being banned in discord ( < Huge issue smh)'
    • Get good!
    How to help? Actually read it before you say dumb shit in discord again.
    • Actually listen to us because 0 of our ideas where added that were put in suggestions
    • 1.12 update (idc what you started we don't need new textures that ruin or packs and look like a fucking cartoon)
    • 10k border (Yes bitch I said It)
    • Elytra only works in combat
    • Disable Shulkers in echest or disable both tbh ("no unraidable vaults" you gave everyone an unraidable vault my dude"
    • Koth!! (My fav add it back cheerio) "Plugins are broke" Get a new one and tell me why every other server has shit working fine? Hmm Stop lying :mad:
    • New active, helpful, non-abusing staff (keep Flag and bring me Red and keep the richboy Relaxer)
    • Revamp Neutrality
    • MCMMO?? No combat things though <3 (Lots of peeps want it)
    • Keep 1.8 pvp always!
    • New spawn and warp wild? Maybe a custom warp wild that is like a pvp zone and can't be griefed like the one right now cos that sucks buttcheeks.
    • /alts so we don't need to declare alts and being rude to new people and we want alts (This way it'd be their fault if they get insided and we can use alts in our towns for claims (etc)
    • Make a trailer (sorry Moosey we need something a BIT better , but for rn that will do!)
    • Add more vote links and actually make people want to vote so Civ gets upvoted like cmon
    • I'll add more to suggestions probably :)
    All I have for right now ):, but legit Derp stop being lazy and listen. Civ has a lot of potential and all you need to do is listen to the community and stop making dumb fucking choices. Also please unban me it's been to long anyway and again very bad choice you ruining my rank race with Moosebobby :mad: . It's up to you to make Civ great, you are the man who makes the choices, but you are making some bad one's right now ): please listen and make Civ great again. I'm bored and don't want to play Moosecraft, I want Civilization Wars. Bring me home!

    (If Derp denies all of this Relaxer buy civ and save us, ty <3)
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  2. Acid Monkey

    Acid Monkey
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    Aug 17, 2018
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    Beating a dead horse like
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  3. MooseBobby

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    Jun 9, 2016
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    Relaxercraft when
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  4. TheFlagCourier

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    Jun 4, 2016
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    Leaving my response within the quote (see Green Text) - And closing thread for good measure.
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