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  1. CertifiedBeef

    Accepted MLG_Microwaves

    MLG and I fight plenty in civ chat but if theres one thing we can agree on its that this server needs more people like him but he unironically is very capable and a quick learned and when he wants to be is very easy to work with, easy +1
  2. CertifiedBeef

    Accepted Bloody Mod Application 1million.0

    +1 Bloody has what it takes, despite the crackdowns and and mishaps he has come back ever single time. Civ seriously lacks a connection between staff and player and I really thing that Bloody is positioned correctly to bridge the gap. Give him a chance to improve something he obviously cares about.
  3. CertifiedBeef

    Hi hi

  4. CertifiedBeef

    Accepted RedTillDead Builder Application

    +1 why tf am I builder and this guy isnt I understand wanting to start apps but this guy is a no brainer; dedication to design and then just straight dedication. Just compare my builds to his and we can all agree his skill is close enough to my jars to bring him on the team.
  5. CertifiedBeef

    Accepted HexxFerret Discord Ban Appeal

    I don't really see Hexx doing that again
  6. CertifiedBeef

    Accepted HexxFerret Discord Ban Appeal

    Hexx is one of the smartest people ive met through civ and has some real talent for computers and a mind set on his future and is much much more than some of the crap he says. Hexx is better than however he came off to catch a mute and I think he should be given a second chance, +1
  7. CertifiedBeef

    Accepted RedTillDead Ban Appeal

    Give the man a shot everyone deserves a proper send off, +1 Best of luck to you genuinely, wherever your choices leave you. Despite everything there was true character in each and every conversation we had down to the last one and I see it in this appeal more than any. I don't really see you...
  8. CertifiedBeef

    hi i'm eastern standard time

    Just here to prove how straight I am
  9. CertifiedBeef


    +1 didnt even have to read it just give the man mod
  10. CertifiedBeef

    World Generation Poll

    keep it classic

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