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  1. Vali

    Pending Bloody Mod Application

    +1 Bloody's character and maturity would make him a great addition to the staff team.
  2. Vali

    Accepted Staff Application

    In game name: Vali Age: 24 Country/Timezone: Canada (EST) Why do you believe you should be staff?: I am a good learner and am always willing to give my full effort in everything I do. I believe in helping to make the server that I love a better place for everyone by maintaining the highest...
  3. Vali

    Accepted RedTillDead Moderator Application

    This server would benefit from having Civwar’s #1 Pvper on the staff team. +1 You are vindicated.
  4. Vali

    [Accepted] Serious Staff Rework Suggestions

    +1 I think these suggestions are reasonable. Like Dreadmore said, there is already a punishment guideline, but perhaps it could be written somewhere on the forum so players can see it. As for the set minimum amount of time, this was a rule back when I was on the staff team and seemed to work...
  5. Vali

    Civwars PVP Tourny

    1v1: Vali
  6. Vali

    Accepted Vali Discord Ban Appeal

    IGN: Vali Discord Username: Vali#3999 (New one) Why were you banned/muted?: Spamming "Unban RedTillDead" in general Who banned/muted you?: Dr_Chocolate For how long are you banned/muted?: Idk Why did you break the rule(s) that got you banned/muted?: misjudgement of ruling, staff decisions...
  7. Vali

    Accepted RedTillDead Ban Appeal

    +1 great appeal deserves unban.

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