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  1. MLG_Microwave

    Randall staff application

    +1 Randy's experience in flag war and knowledge of player frustrations could be hugely beneficial to the staff team!
  2. MLG_Microwave

    AHEA NEUTRALITY (Vvardenfell)

  3. MLG_Microwave

    Did u arrive yet?

    Did u arrive yet?
  4. MLG_Microwave


  5. MLG_Microwave

    Denied FTen Staff Application #2 ( I know it's a week early!)

    I know Ften has history but I still stand by my decision on his first app to +1. Ften has shown true potential and would be a great addition to the civ wars Mod team! +1
  6. MLG_Microwave

    Denied AlexShez staff application

    Have you spoken to Alex yet?
  7. MLG_Microwave

    Accepted lilyuh staff application

    Lilyuhs's knowledge of rules is second to non. They have always backed up their arguments and Lilyuh is always a pleasure to speak to. Would be a perfect addition to the staff team! +1 100%
  8. MLG_Microwave

    Accepted RedTillDead Moderator Application

    Red has always been reasonable and has done a lot of brilliant work for the server recently. Would be a sensible choice for another moderator. Definitely a +1 from me!
  9. MLG_Microwave

    Accepted RedTillDead Discord Mute Appeal

    +1 I think 1 month is a long enough punishment for what he said. I spoke to Red and he understands what he said is wrong. He also knows that if he says anything as terrible as this again the punishment will be much more severe as behaviour like this is not accepted on CivWars. I say give the man...
  10. MLG_Microwave

    Cresterz Mod Application

    Cresterz is always willing to drop everything and help out new players no matter what. Never seen him be toxic at all and is super mature for his age. Would definitely be a great addition to the staff team. A fresh set of eyes is always a good thing in my opinion. +1 100%
  11. MLG_Microwave

    Denied FTen

    +1 100%. Ften is very mature and sensible. Would be a great addition to the Civ Staff team!
  12. MLG_Microwave

    Koalabear's Suggestion part 1

    I upvoted. I think its a very good idea! Maybe for swords there could be one that tracks the names of people its killed? Could be a good way to create legendary swords.
  13. MLG_Microwave

    Accepted MLG_Microwaves

    Thank you man, I appreciate it.
  14. MLG_Microwave

    Accepted MLG_Microwaves

    I'm saddened to see that you feel this way about me. And I'm sorry for anything that I did to hurt you. I hope that in future my actions will change how you feel about me. Thank you
  15. MLG_Microwave

    Accepted MLG_Microwaves

    In Game Name : MLG_Microwaves Age: 17 Country/Time zone : England/GMT Why do you believe you should be staff? : I’ve played CivWars since Derp took over, so I have good knowledge on not only how towny works but on the experience CivWars aims to provide to not only the PVP community but also...
  16. MLG_Microwave


    Username: MLG_Microwaves Capital Town: Ragnarock Towns in Nation: Ragnarock Do you accept the responsibility of being held liable should one of your nation members break the rules?: Yes
  17. MLG_Microwave

    noir recruitment

    you dig trenches? i only like nations with trenches
  18. MLG_Microwave

    is hi

    Arnt u the guy that posts animal p*rn in the discord? YIKES. Not a good look “phurry” Welcome to the forums

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