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  1. Pudmuffers

    The Big Suggestions Thread

    Feels like everything you want removed is targeted at a certain group. Nothing is stopping you fro doing the same you just dony wanna put in the work. Otherwise pretty decent suggestions
  2. Pudmuffers

    Denied Admin Application
  3. Pudmuffers

    Accepted lilyuh staff application

    +1, knows all the rules by heart
  4. Pudmuffers

    Denied AlexShez staff application

    "+1 alex is a good source of information" -Chocolate
  5. Pudmuffers

    I need to know how hot spooder's mom is

    Please i want to see her ol big ass honker donkies just one pic please
  6. Pudmuffers

    Denied Phurry (hear me out)

    +1 Phurry would be a dedicated admin
  7. Pudmuffers

    Denied Phurry (hear me out)

    Sounds exactly like you my guy
  8. Pudmuffers

    Accepted MadMMTM Report

    +1 mad has been harassing just about everyone and breaching neutrality constantly. Theres been like 8 new rules made about neutrality because of him and staff keep letting him off
  9. Pudmuffers

    Vitian Market Prices

    Oh no big man used Google translator for A dead language. Moose hold me I'm scared
  10. Pudmuffers

    Accepted Pudmuffers Report

    Look im famous
  11. Pudmuffers

    Korean Military Aid sent to Tithian
  12. Pudmuffers

    [Poll] Variable Flag Times

    This is why moosebooby a civwars veteran
  13. Pudmuffers

    [Poll] Variable Flag Times

    it would seem like a good idea to not lose everything by day one until you're able to move basically everything out within an hour; which, with the new system, would be time you cannot get flagged, allowing you to easily move everything out. Most Towns who have a clue on whats going on (the...
  14. Pudmuffers

    Sucking your Mom's Dick

    Sucking your Mom's Dick
  15. Pudmuffers

    [Poll] Variable Flag Times

    Allowing people to flag while people are offline will just lead to to next to no fights; Along with that, 6 warflags is next to nothing in distance, especially since its unlikely someone would be off for 24 hours. It would be a decent idea to allow some time to be unflaggable in order to grind...
  16. Pudmuffers

    Introductory for Korea

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