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  1. IHazCow

    How to record evidence

    Live Replay Setup This guide will teach you how to set up replay software in order to capture the last couple of minutes that occurred in-game, which is very useful for providing evidence for reports or saving funny moments. The beauty of live replay is that you can be sure you’ll never miss...
  2. IHazCow

    Denied Trickmaster6000 Staff Application

    Denied. After our previous experience with you on the staff team it is safe to say we are not interested in having you back. Thanks.
  3. IHazCow

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    You are down to do some karaoke?
  4. IHazCow

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    What'd the lawyer say?
  5. IHazCow

    Denied Mute Appeal

    Denied. Telling people to kill themselves is not acceptable whether or not you agree with it. As for staff giving unfair or unjust punishment I don't see it from what I was able to read from logs. However, if you want to make a report on a staff member please be as detailed as possible and...
  6. IHazCow

    Accepted Pudmuffers Report

    Accepted Player banned for a week for harassment.
  7. IHazCow

    Accepted MLG_Microwaves

    Accepted. Welcome to the staff team.
  8. IHazCow

    look at cat

    bloo eyes
  9. IHazCow

    I love Moosebobby

    Just need Minecraftluke23 now and we got the whole church.
  10. IHazCow


    Who knew people would actually mine their coal now. Im glad you enjoy the systems, let us know if there is anything we can do to improve. :) Welcome to the forums!
  11. IHazCow

    I don't know how to play the game

    oh dear god...
  12. IHazCow

    Accepted HexxFerret Dev Application

    What are some ideas, in terms of development ,that you want to do immediately in order to help better the CivWars experience?
  13. IHazCow

    Pending KomradeKrunch Discord Ban Appeal

    I dont see a ban for this username.
  14. IHazCow

    I don't know how to play the game

    The Plan: They don't have hacks, they have eagle vision, keep off the main streets. If you Naruto run you can dodge their bullets but only if you're good at it, start practicing Run to the woods, you'll be safe. Ill make sure there is no snitches.
  15. IHazCow

    Hi I'm asdeo

    Bro chill with the spam and double post. Other than than welcome to the forums.
  16. IHazCow

    my name is vag

  17. IHazCow

    Hi hi

    Civ has a koala magnet. Welcome to the forums, glad to have you around!
  18. IHazCow

    Hi I am Dreadmore

    Hi gaycop
  19. IHazCow

    Accepted Builder application - dogs4war

    Accepted. Ive seen quite a few of your builds and I like them a lot. Keep toxicity to a minimum.
  20. IHazCow

    Accepted RedTillDead Builder Application

    Accepted. I am worried you may over extend yourself and involve yourself too heavily in CivWars and not maintain that healthy balance. Make sure your also able to take time for yourself and for work. Other than that I believe the build team would welcome you on board. Lol, resignation...

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