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  1. RedTillDead

    The Big Suggestions Thread

    Down but not out, here is all of the suggestions for CivWars that I can think of at the moment. Some of these I know are being added, and others have been talked about. This is merely so the administration and development team can have an easier time implementing changes and fixes to better the...
  2. RedTillDead

    Pending RedTillDead Moderator Application

    In game name: RedTilldead Age: 19 Country/Timezone: United States of America/MST Why do you believe you should be staff?: There are several reasons I should be staff, but it's easier to cite the requirements for being staff (as listed in the application template) and then provide extra reasons...
  3. RedTillDead

    Accepted MadMMTM Report 2

    I regret having to make this, but I would by lying if I said I did not see it coming. This report will not include anything from the previous report made against him, for obvious reasons. I also encourage MadMMTM to come in here and personally defend himself. It would mean a lot to the community...
  4. RedTillDead

    Accepted RedTillDead Discord Mute Appeal

    IGN: Red#0532 Why were you banned/muted?: Telling someone to commit suicide. Who banned/muted you?: Chocolate For how long are you banned/muted?: Permanently Why did you break the rule(s) that got you banned/muted?: First, I did not know it was against the rules as at the time it wasn't...
  5. RedTillDead

    [Accepted] Serious Staff Rework Suggestions

    I know that there is a lot of things happening with the staff team right now, and I will not pretend to know even half of the things being talked about. However, I do know this is a hot topic right now, and this is in no way meant to be a flamewar or to roast any particular staff member. I do...
  6. RedTillDead

    I love Moosebobby

    @Moosebobby I love you. I love you Moosebobby. Moosebobby, I love you. You came back to us just like you promised. I love you Moosebobby.
  7. RedTillDead

    Neutrality Application

    Username: RedTillDead Capital Town: Defiance Towns in Nation: Defiance Do you accept the responsibility of being held liable should one of your nation members break the rules?: Yes.
  8. RedTillDead

    Accepted RedTillDead Builder Application

    In game name: RedTillDead Age: 19 Country/Timezone: United States of America, MST How active will you be able to be?: On every day, whenever I am not working. What would you bring to our current build team?: Experience, ideas, and skills. Please share some pictures/videos of your previous...
  9. RedTillDead

    Macedon Recruitment Thread

    Macedon Hello, and welcome! I am RedTillDead, First Basileus of the Macedonian Empire, also known as Macedon! In this thread, I will detail what Macedon is/intends to be, and how you can be a part of it! Before I continue, please keep this channel free of toxicity, and don't post unless you're...
  10. RedTillDead


    Hi my name is RedTillDead. You might know me from being banned or anything related to my ban. Here is all you need to know about me: I started playing CivWars a long time ago, I first joined in December of 2014 under the name bobdylan1230. I mostly kept to myself, I had been playing with a...
  11. RedTillDead

    Accepted RedTillDead Ban Appeal

    IGN: RedTillDead Why were you banned/muted?: Advertising/Neo-Nazi Behavior Who banned/muted you?: Derp/IHazCow For how long are you banned/muted?: Permanently Why did you break the rule(s) that got you banned/muted?: Since I am banned for two reasons, this answer will be in two parts. In...

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