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  1. Dr_Chocolate

    Build Contest: House of Worship Voting

    Hey everyone, Welcome to the voting thread for the first CivWars Build Contest on this brand new map! I apologize for the delay between the end of the contest and the voting, ran into some issues, however the floor is yours' now. We have had some great builds by the wonderful players of...
  2. Dr_Chocolate

    [Poll] Variable Flag Times

    It has become evident that something has to change with the current meta of flag war. This was a fear amongst upper staff during the down period, and now that it's become a reality, it's time to get your guys' input. I also want to thank the Mod team for their great contributions and help in...
  3. Dr_Chocolate

    Official In-Game Rank Guide

    The in-game ranks have been fully revamped. These ranks are purchasable with in-game cash only, and provide weekly kits you can use every few days, along with a nice little prefix, and a few more cosmetic prizes coming down the road. If you have a donor rank, you will still be able to progress...
  4. Dr_Chocolate

    Map Size Poll

    You all have voted, and your voice has been heard. We will be going with vanilla generation on the new map. The server will be 1.16 on release, and because of that we have decided to limit the map size for some time until we update to 1.17. 1.17, if you are unaware, completely changes how caves...
  5. Dr_Chocolate

    Builder Application Template

    To apply for a builder position please use the following template and only this template, anyone using a different template will just be declined instantly.
  6. Dr_Chocolate

    Neutrality Application Template

    To submit an application for nation neutrality please make a post in the neutrality application section of our forums. To be accepted, every player and town in your nation must meet the requirements listed below. Violations of these rules may result in fines or loss of neutrality. 1. Players in...
  7. Dr_Chocolate

    Appeal Format

    Copy and paste the following format to appeal your punishment. IGN: Why were you banned/muted?: Who banned/muted you?: For how long are you banned/muted?: Why did you break the rule(s) that got you banned/muted?: Why do you believe you should be unbanned/unmuted?: Anything else you think...
  8. Dr_Chocolate

    World Generation Poll

    Welcome to the new forums! Let's get this started off with a bang! First order of business, deciding what kind of world terrain generation we want for the new map. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  9. Dr_Chocolate

    [Surrender] White Flag Surrender

    Getting overrun in war? No longer have the will to carry on a losing effort? Wave the white flag! This is a brand new initiative the CivWars team is implementing to add more depth to war. It's very simple on the player end of things. The nation leader must simply create a thread in this...

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