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  1. FTen

    FTen Staff Application #2 ( I know it's a week early!)

    To apply for a staff position please use the following template and only this template, anyone using a different template will just be declined instantly. In game name: FTen Age: Nineteen! Country/Timezone: United Kingdom. Why do you believe you should be staff?: I believe I hold the maturity...
  2. FTen

    FTen | MrGerbil Introduction

    Hello there friends, minemen and no grass touchers. My name is Martin or I go by the in game name of FTen (previously MrGerbil) I wanted to tell you a little about my journey in life and I guess on CivWars. I joined CivWars in the back end of Summer 2016, and trundled off to the middle of an...
  3. FTen

    Denied FTen

    In game name: FTen Age: 19 Country/Timezone: BST/GMT Why do you believe you should be staff?: First of all CivWars was a large part of my childhood spanning back to 2016-2017. I spent a large chunk of my childhood on this server and gathered quite a bit of knowledge in terms of the community as...

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