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  1. MLG_Microwave

    Accepted MLG_Microwaves

    In Game Name : MLG_Microwaves Age: 17 Country/Time zone : England/GMT Why do you believe you should be staff? : I’ve played CivWars since Derp took over, so I have good knowledge on not only how towny works but on the experience CivWars aims to provide to not only the PVP community but also...
  2. MLG_Microwave


    Username: MLG_Microwaves Capital Town: Ragnarock Towns in Nation: Ragnarock Do you accept the responsibility of being held liable should one of your nation members break the rules?: Yes
  3. MLG_Microwave

    MLG_Landia, Civwars most poggest nation

    What is MLG_Landia? Most chill nation on civ wars. Mostly dig trenches, build epic basses and be rich as fuck. Probably be neutral but idk. Unlike most bitchass nations we wont quit after 1 month cus no one else plays. Civwars is single player but with more features :). What does that mean for...
  4. MLG_Microwave

    MLG_Microwave also trenches r cool

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