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  1. Dreadmore

    Pending RedTillDead Moderator Application

    Good Evening, Red, So I have read this application more than a handful of times which is more than I usually do. I know you have helped me a ton and it seems you have turned a new leaf. Despite my admins telling me to promote you I have chosen to deny your application for the time being. With...
  2. Dreadmore

    Denied ban appeal

    Denied. Appeal in a month. If you sing I will reduce your ban to 10 days.
  3. Dreadmore

    Denied ban appeal

    Swatforlife will not be unbanned as it stands right now. Appeal at a later time.
  4. Dreadmore

    Accepted MadMMTM Report 2

    Good Evening, I have reviewed this report. Raz has since resigned. No more need for this report. Thank you for putting the effort into bettering the community, Dreadmore
  5. Dreadmore

    Accepted MadMMTM Report

    Good Morning, After reviewing logs and warns from Mad, he has been given a warning for un-professional conduct. He was told to stop putting un-needed mute and warn reasons and to treat newer players more respectfully. The claim of him harassing Pudmuffers was found un-true. The abuse of...
  6. Dreadmore

    Denied Sheepy for mod THE SEQUEL

    Make a 100% serious application for it and it will be 100% considered. I love you sheepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Dreadmore

    Denied Phurry (hear me out)

    Good Morning, So, I have read through all of this. In order to be considered for staff, you have to show that you are someone who is capable of following rules and putting self interest aside to help the server. This is why your staff app was denied the first time, you have an extensive...
  8. Dreadmore

    [Accepted] Serious Staff Rework Suggestions

    I'll leave this open for a day or so till I close it
  9. Dreadmore

    [Accepted] Serious Staff Rework Suggestions

    Hey, I do like all of these suggestions, This rework is asking for more accountability within staff player time and actions. I am all for this. For reporting an Admin, you are more than welcome to PM me or another member of management. If one of us did a bad thing let Derp know. We could add...
  10. Dreadmore

    Denied FTen

    Good Morning, I just wanted to let you know your application is being considered. Should have an answer for you in a few days. Thanks, Dreadmore
  11. Dreadmore

    Accepted HexxFerret Dev Application

    Good Morning, We have decided to accept you onto our team as a Junior Developer until you can show that you are, 1) Trustworthy 2) Possess enough knowledge of Java and the Spigot API to complete projects without excessive error. You were already told this but this is just an official thing...
  12. Dreadmore

    Accepted Admin / Mod Application -ZachL3ster

    Hey, You have been a player for a long time and we would love to have you on the staff team. Accepted - Moderator
  13. Dreadmore

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Good Evening, While freezing you, you logged out when asked to join the Discord. It was evident you were X-Raying so thank you for admitting it. I will reduce your ban to 20 days. Do not repeat this behavior. Thank you, Dreadmore
  14. Dreadmore

    Accepted ban appeal

    Good Evening, Be aware that anything that provides you with an unfair advantage is against the rules. This has been clarified plenty both in the rules and to players. I will reduce your ban to 15 days since it is your first offense. Have a great day, Dreadmore
  15. Dreadmore

    Accepted HexxFerret Dev Application

    I have helped Hexx occasionally with his Java projects and he seems to have some fun ideas and motivation to complete them. I wouldn't mind letting him work on separate projects for civ that would merge in. Interesting Hexx, good luck.
  16. Dreadmore

    Denied Sheepy for mod !

    Good Evening, Make a serious application and we can talk DENIED
  17. Dreadmore

    Accepted Bloody Mod Application 1million.0

    Good Morning, My name is Dreadmore and I am head of the staff and I have decided that yes you can be mod but on a trial period. You have an extensive history of rule breaking young one, and before I let you go moderating other players I gotta make sure you're doin it right. You have been...
  18. Dreadmore

    my name is vag

  19. Dreadmore

    Hi hi

    He embodied the spirit of, "Sorry, I'm afk".

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