Pending _Pesto's Developer (Not Admin) Application


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IGN: _Pesto
Discord: _Pesto#0404
Age: 19
Country/Timezone: South Africa/UTC+2

Why do you believe you should be staff (dev)?:
I feel that I have the skills necessary to help out where I can and really just want to see this community thrive again.

- 2-3 years experience with Java
- 1-2 year experience with Spigot API
- SQL and Database knowledge
- Prior administration experience with Towny servers. Again, I'm not applying for admin.

What would you bring to our current staff team?:
My knowledge and experience of managing a server.

If you could change one thing to Civwars, what would it be?:
I mean no offense to the staff but I think a lot of things shouldn't be handled by staff. Adding rules and processes should be kept to a minimum. Aspects like neutrality applications should be something that's automated and should have little influence from the moderation team.

Anything else to add?:
Not much really. I don't want to regurgitate the story that "I can bring back the server" or that "Make the server great again" because in reality I don't know if I can. Really just want to give it a try and do my best. If the community is willing to give me a shot, feel free to +1

_Pesto :)
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