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In game name: _Bl00dy
Age: 18
Country/Timezone: EST
Why do you believe you should be staff?: I believe I should be staff because I have been a dedicated player to civwars for many years, I think as myself to be a nice genuine young fellow. Just honestly want to help out in the community maybe plan events or help the new player get started and teach them about civ, and help the community grow. I know you might think I am racist because of my constant n word habit, but I can assure you my days of n words are behind me and I'm ready to help this community grow positively.

What would you bring to our current staff team?: I would bring a dedicated guy who wants to bring success to the community

If you could change one thing to Civwars, what would it be?: I would bring a dedicated guy, who is looking to help the community grow and prosper more then it has before.

Anything else to add?: hope to see you on the server!


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+1 Bloody has what it takes, despite the crackdowns and and mishaps he has come back ever single time.

Civ seriously lacks a connection between staff and player and I really thing that Bloody is positioned correctly to bridge the gap. Give him a chance to improve something he obviously cares about.


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+1 Bloody is amazingly kind, loving towards others in the community and quite honestly a role model in the Civwars community. He's very admirable and a beautiful person, and he's able to connect between players and staff effectively. He's more then qualified enough to be a Moderator for Civwars, please don't mess this up and do what's needed and give him his rightly deserved staff rank. :D


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Bloody’s brought me to Civ from Datblock and I have noticed that he is extremely kind and always willing to bring new players to Civwars. I hope he can obtain staff rank on the server =)


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With very nearly a years worth of friendship with Bloody I can concede he is a well dedicated and devoted man to his endeavors and an extraordinary companion. He is the sort that adjusts to various conditions to give in best outcomes by following the required circumscriptions of a matter/environment, in other words in my eyes he has the ability to work and communicate as an intermediate, i.e. between being a user yet simultaneously a staff member.


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Cool guy and all, is in Wolf Force so i am obliged to say no

better luck next time

For context Wolf Force is a neo-nazi group that goes around LGBT and Trans servers harassing other discord members.

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Good Morning,

My name is Dreadmore and I am head of the staff and I have decided that yes you can be mod but on a trial period.

You have an extensive history of rule breaking young one, and before I let you go moderating other players I gotta make sure you're doin it right.

You have been dedicated to this whole becoming a moderator thing so yeah I guess that's fine, as long as you stop f*cking applying for Christ sake, please. If I have to read one more of these god forsaken posts I might just tie a noose and... happy thoughts... happy thoughts.

Accepted I Guess

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