Pending Community Manager Application


New member
In game name: Asdeo
Age: 17
Country/Timezone: EST
Why do you believe you should be staff?:

I have assisted across recent maps many times with testing and even helped advertise the server to bring new faces to the server as well as old faces back. I am also a known figure within the towny community and have positive connections with many towny groups. I would bring vital familiarity along the staff as these players come onto Civwars knowing that there is at least one voice they are closely familiar with while in unknown territory., I am also quite confident in my knowledge of PvP and game mechanics and would be able to voice much-needed input on PvP-related matters (checks and balances) I helped test the first season of CivPrac months before release, helping to hone the PvP experience you see on Civwars today which many have been quoted saying that is the best 1.8 experience on 1.9+

What would you bring to our current staff team?:

Fast-paced problem-solving, Player-Staff connection, and insight. Dedication creativity and cross-server experience. Community insight and pvp knowledge. Screensharing experience.

Anything else to add?: Thank you for reading this application and considering me, despite my warning history in-game and on discord, my intentions for Civwars are clear. You can ask many people about me and they will agree that I want the best for Civwars.


This dude is the perfect guy for the job. He knows a lot about the mechanics of civwars and I think he is the right guy to be a part of civwars future. +200


New member
asdeo is one of those people who actually care about the server success and it doing well overall , he is always there to help resolve issues players are having or atleast people around him that are having issues and talks to both sides and is very reasonable and aware of any issues or concerns players might have , he would be a great CM especially dealing with both the new playerbase and the old og civ community , me personally from my experience playing the server he is always there to talk to both sides and is quite nice to everyone around him + he is kinda active and talks to alot of people and helps resolve issues +1 (i think he would be a great addition to the server and the community overall + he been around in this community for along time now and knows alot about civwars ingeneral)

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