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In game name:



16, 17 in July (July 29, 2004)


EST, although my sleep schedule has me playing more nocturnally at times.

Why do you believe you should be staff?:

I've been playing CivWars since the start of Covid, and although I took a break for school, as soon as I realized the server reset I started again. Since my return, I have been on over 10 hours everyday, and much of that time has been dedicated to helping new players join a town, understand what is going on, and get them accustomed to the commands and such. Along with those accolades, I have a perfectly clean record, and have reported a few bugs/exploits to the admins. I have also stayed near completely away from server drama, and hold a very unbiased perspective to the proceedings of both the players and the server. While I may not be the best applicant, I do believe that I am definitely reliable and transparent, and what you see in me is what you are going to get.

What would you bring to our current staff team?:

One of the biggest things I feel I could offer is the perspective of new players, and how they react to such things. Being a relatively younger player myself, and through working with a ton of new players, I believe I can offer such a perspective that the more veteran and accomplished members of the staff team may not see as often. Furthermore, I have played on various economic and faction-like servers, and can pull experiences from outside to understand what does and doesn't work in CivWars. Another huge thing I can guarantee to offer is in the realm of communication, being admin on many other discord servers, irl volunteer work with homeless shelters and food pantries, and siblings with autism and FAS. My patience for people and ability to talk is constantly tried over and over, and as such I have become very adept at dealing with conflict and understanding the emotions of others. The final thing I can offer is my dedication to the server and it's people, and to put all I have into making Civ Wars a better place.

If you could change one thing to Civwars, what would it be?:

I wish there was more of a guide for new players. The biggest issue I believe the server has, especially since /rtp and such have been discontinued, is that new members spawn in spawn, where they can't build, break, etc., and have essentially no idea what to do. While this issue usually can get resolved if there are members online, sometimes there are only 5-6 players, or an important war is going on, and the new player gets forgotten about. Since they don't know what to do and no one will help them out, they leave and never come back. While a difficult issue to solve, I believe rather giving an incentive to current members to help or something like a book in the new player's inventory would greatly help the new player get started, and as such give them a greater chance of staying. If more new players join, our community grows and everyone benefits.

Anything else to add?:

The biggest shortcoming I have and actively seek to improve is my renown with the people of the server. While some people know me and while I am generally held in positive lighting, I feel I am not as well known as the other members of the staff. However, not being as well known or interpersonally connected can be beneficial for a Mod, as I can't pick favorites if I haven't even decided my favorites yet. Furthermore, becoming Mod would help serve to solve this shortcoming for me, eliminating the only major negative of having me as a mod. All I ask from you is a chance, and I will do everything in my power to make CivWars a better place!


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Cresterz is always willing to drop everything and help out new players no matter what. Never seen him be toxic at all and is super mature for his age. Would definitely be a great addition to the staff team. A fresh set of eyes is always a good thing in my opinion. +1 100%


+1. I do believe this man can and will serve the community well as a moderator due to him being a very fantastic newer member of the community. He has been eager to learn about CivWars about the ins and outs about the server. He has been fantastic with his position in the town and nation he is in always a welcome and reliant face to new members of the server. If I could I would +1000000000000.


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+1 Has always welcomed new players with open arms and seems to genuinely care about the community. Cresterz would be a great fit for stuff due to his knowledge and willingness to put other people/the community first.
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+1. I was unsure because you're not that well known in the community but after reading your application and talking to you several times I think you would make a good addition to the staff team.

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