Denied FTen Staff Application #2 ( I know it's a week early!)

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To apply for a staff position please use the following template and only this template, anyone using a different template will just be declined instantly.

In game name: FTen
Age: Nineteen!
Country/Timezone: United Kingdom.

Why do you believe you should be staff?: I believe I hold the maturity needed for the position to be successful moderator. I have been involved in the community in and out for multiple years (maybe not as much as others) however I am recognisable in the community. I hold a perspective as being both neutral and war players throughout my tenure as a CivWars player.

What would you bring to our current staff team?: I believe I possess a reliable, courteous and colourful personality that will make a nice addition to the current staff and management of CivWars. I am a upbeat player who is always trying to make a positive change to the server may that via suggestions, challenging suggestions or engaging in server wide events and discussions when I can. I would bring a non-bias view on things as I, like a few staff have played both sides of the coin (both neutral and warring) which will allow me to empathise with both parties. Honestly I would just want to join a team who has CivWars best interests at heart. My timezone as well will be extreamly useful in helping the server expand into Europe timezones.
If you could change one thing to Civwars, what would it be?:
Anything else to add?:
Glory to CivWars.
(Old Application
I shall respond to any comments.
Have a nice day!


Staff member
I know Ften has history but I still stand by my decision on his first app to +1. Ften has shown true potential and would be a great addition to the civ wars Mod team! +1
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