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I thought it could help to have an example of how an introduction could look like now when the forum got reset, so I'll be introducing myself here. It could also be of help for those who do not know who I am, but atm I'd guess most people know me.
So I'll be just talking about when I joined, why I joined, what I do and some other stuff I enjoy on here.

So, I'm just some random Swedish guy who joined civ "just" about a year ago now, "early" 2020 just when this Covid shitshow started, and the community is something I must admit is special.
In my time here on the server I've enjoyed chillin' around the server, building, interacting with the community and especially arguing with staff, which might be a bit ironic considering my staff position atm. But overall I've enjoyed just talking with the community, via the server, discord or forum more than anything here on Civ.

I enjoy creating and building stuff and help to the best of my abilities, so if you ever see me on and need help with anything, don't be afraid to ask.
I'm not the "best" PvP'er, so I'm probably just your average neutral player here on Civ, but doesn't mean I won't fight, especially if it involves archery, which I may or may not like it extra because of the frustration it causes for most people I fight with ; )

Other than that, what I hope to do here on my time here on Civ is to help it grow and help create the best Civ possible, so if you ever feel like something is wrong and would like to critique or suggest something, don't be afraid to tell us, if not, you can always contact me in the discord, forum or on the server if you ever see me on!

That's all for me, so happy civwar'ing guys!

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