is hi


hi, i am phurry
in my free time i enjoy taking long walks on the beach and blowing shit up on My favorite animal is a Moose. my work just hired a guy name Bobby. he is a felon. i haven't asked him why yet. my favorite colors are black and blue. I hate mayo, sour cream, and ranch. My managers tim and ongod can eat a dick. i hate them. Sasha is only good manager. he said he liked my shirt. he cool. If you haven't seen or don't like The Wolf of Wall Street ur gay. ur brain is similar to kids that ride the short bus. you most likely struggle with simple tasks such as breathing or thinking. Math probably is or was ur least favorite subject in school and big words scare you. ok well this has been fun but papa dreadwhore is calling to play halo. bye.



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Arnt u the guy that posts animal p*rn in the discord? YIKES. Not a good look “phurry”

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