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Good Morning,

After reviewing logs and warns from Mad, he has been given a warning for un-professional conduct. He was told to stop putting un-needed mute and warn reasons and to treat newer players more respectfully.

The claim of him harassing Pudmuffers was found un-true.

The abuse of block glitching was added to the rules after the fact. He was also warned about this.

After reviewing punishment logs, it was found that all of his punishments seem to have been just. A 7 day warn is not over-punishment.

"Threatening violence as a neutral when I was talking to Codey_Monster at his town": As a neutral you must provide a warning to someone who is in your town before using violence. Not against neutrality, he gave ample warning before using violence.

"Threatening to downvote a players application": He is allowed to upvote or downvote for any reason. This is not a violation of rules.

Although he is a moderator, this report is quite one sided. There has been continued harassment towards him from multiple players leading to these reactions which is the reason why his punishment is just a warning. I have said it before in Discord, if the harassment continues I will start punishing people. If anything else comes up feel free to open another report.

Thank you,
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