MLG_Landia, Civwars most poggest nation


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What is MLG_Landia?
Most chill nation on civ wars. Mostly dig trenches, build epic basses and be rich as fuck. Probably be neutral but idk. Unlike most bitchass nations we wont quit after 1 month cus no one else plays. Civwars is single player but with more features :).

What does that mean for you?
A group of pro minemen here to show this other players how its done. Big basses and even bigger trenches. Also a decent group of people that wont fuck u off cus u said something bad to someone :). Free infrastructure such as farms and gold farms and free gear.*

There are no strict rules to follow, failure to follow will not result in termination from MLG_Landia.
Kill people don't kill people who cares its a block game.

MLG_Landia will be the poggest nation civ wars has ever seen.

We accept everyone expect certain groups of people

No one from certain nations is allowed

If u read this then thats on u

*Wont be available till we get set up but i gaurantee its quick than these other so called nations.
Also please watch the attached video as their will be a weekly quiz:

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