Official In-Game Rank Guide

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The in-game ranks have been fully revamped. These ranks are purchasable with in-game cash only, and provide weekly kits you can use every few days, along with a nice little prefix, and a few more cosmetic prizes coming down the road. If you have a donor rank, you will still be able to progress through these ranks, however, your donor prefix will show in place of that of your in-game rank. More ranks may be added down the line, stay tuned. NOTE: We reserve the right to change (nerf or buff) the kits, costs, or any other cosmetic item related to these ranks.

Rank 1 - Member (Free)

Rank 2 - Settler (10k)
/kit settler - iron armor set, iron tools set, 4x map, 1x compass, 64x steak

Rank 3 - Merchant (25k)
/kit merchant - unbreaking 10 gold armor set, 1x diamond sword, 64 gold nuggets, 64 gold ingots, 64x iron nuggets, 64x iron ingots

Rank 4 - Squire (60k)
/kit squire - chainmail armor set, 1x iron sword, 1x crossbow, 1x book and quill, 64x arrows, 64x steak

Rank 5 - Knight (100k)
/kit knight - p4ub3 iron armor set, sharp 5 iron sword, eff4ub3fort3 iron pick, 1x horse egg, 1x nametag, 1x iron horse armor, 1x lead, 8x enderpearls, 4x roulette keys, 4x various alcohols

Rank 6 - General (250k)
/kit general - p2ub2 diamond armor set, sharp4ub2 diamond sword, 4x map, 1x clock, 16x enderpearls

Rank 7 - Emir (500k)
/kit emir - p3ub3 diamond armor set, sharp4loot3ub3fa1 diamond sword, 16x enchanted golden apples, 64x gold block, 8x emerald blocks, 64x golden carrots

Rank 8 - Warlord (1M)
/kit warlord - p4ub3 diamond armor set, sharp5loot3ub3fa2 diamond sword, 32x enchanted golden apples, 16x enderpearls, 64x cobwebs, 32x TNT, 64x golden carrot, 1x totem of undying

Rank 9 - Heir (2M)
/kit heir - p4ub10 gold armor set, sharp5looting4ub3 diamond sword, eff4fort1ub2 diamond pickaxe, eff4ub2 diamond axe&shovel, 64x golden carrot, 1x llama spawn egg, 32x gold blocks, 16x diamond blocks, 16x emerald blocks, 32x honey blocks, 16x honey bottles, 32x slime, 1x netherrite ingot

Rank 10 - Sultan (5M)
/kit sultan - p4ub3 diamond armor set, 1x netherrite sword, luck3lure3ub3 fishing rod, riptide3ub3 trident, 32x bottle of enchanting

Rank 11 - Monarch (10M)
/kit monarch - p4ub3 netherrite armor set (w/ curse of vanishing AND binding), sharp5fa2ub3loot3 netherrite sword (w/ curse of vanishing), 64x golden apples, 64x bottle of enchanting, 16x enderpearls, 64x TNT, 64x gold blocks, 64x diamond blocks, 16x emerald blocks, 1x netherrite block, 64x slime blocks, 64x honey blocks, 16x honey bottles
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