Randall staff application


New member
In game name: Randall0208
Age: 18
Country/Timezone: EST
Why do you believe you should be staff?: I think I can help support the server with the new war revamp and I think it would be a good experience while helping out a wonderful community I grew up with.

What would you bring to our current staff team?: I have a lot of first hand experience with war and pvp and I understand the frustrations a lot of players have sometimes especially when there is a lot of disconnect between the pvp side of the server and the staff side, because the staff don't typically understand some frustrations or problems because they tend to be in the neutral community of the server.

If you could change one thing to Civwars, what would it be?: I would nerf the donator kits, civwars was very unique in the way that it use to be strictly vanilla and no donator op bs but I understand funds gotta come from somewhere.

Anything else to add?: I'd be able to make some time and definitely tend to support requests from players but simply do not have the time or motivation these days to actually play the server so I'd be pursuing a staff only position and that scenario would be the only way I see myself playing civ again. Thank you all hopefully the revamp goes well.


Staff member
+1 Randy's experience in flag war and knowledge of player frustrations could be hugely beneficial to the staff team!

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