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  1. danghannistan
    Created by danghannistan
    Sep 7, 2019
    The PvP Update
    Gapple Changes:
    • God Apple resistance lowered from 8 minutes to 7 seconds (To prevent being a tank forever)
    • God Apple absorption increased from 2 hearts to 6 hearts
    • Regeneration 3 is still 30 seconds
    Strength Changes:
    • Strength Buffed by 70%
    Knockback Changes:
    • PvP Knockback should match more with 1.8 PvP - not 100% perfect
    • You can now Bow Boost and W-Tap
    Critical Damage Changes:
    • Critical Damage reduced from 150% to 115%
    Durability Changes:
    • Durability damage inflicted reduced extensively
    Other Changes:
    • Health Indicator added under Player Names
    • Customized Death Messages (Works with custom sword names)
    • /res set mode bigmap
    Rule Update:
    • Warlogging Exemption: You are exempt from warlog punishment if the following conditions are met:
    • Your nation and allied nations (excluding neutral nations), if applicable, are outnumbered by a ratio greater than or equal to 2:1, e.g. 1v2+, 2v4+, 3v6+, etc.
    • Must not be outnumbered due to your nation members or allies logging out within 5 minutes of an enemy flag.

    Status on Upcoming Updates:

    The next update will contain a GUI rework of the crates to be much more visually appealing, as well as further changes to increase the aesthetics of gameplay.

    We hoped to have a custom plugin we are getting developed deployed by now, but the developer possibly passed away.

  2. IHazCow
    Created by IHazCow
    Sep 2, 2019
    CivWars Community,

    God, what the fuck is wrong with me? Moose is on the staff team now? What has CivWars become?

    Having Moose on the staff team means a few things;

    1. The amount of time he dedicates to video games (Especially Minecraft) daily can be used for a positive impact on the community rather than him pissing off and pissing on nearly everything.
    2. While he is an asshole, he is extremely dedicated to this community, and really does want to see it grow.
    3. He has quite a bit of knowledge on keeping players interested as well as having new ones come in consistently.

    So now I have Moose enslaved to CivWars forever, now what?

    Moose's ultimate goal here is to connect what the server's community needs and wants and finding the best way to implement new things. Moose's access is extremely limited. He has no access to the live server, website, or PII (Personal Identifiable Information) of players. He can only play with the Dev server when he is doing work for the server.

    In the past few weeks what has Moose been working on?

    Moose has reworked the 1.8 PVP system on the server
    Moose has re-worked a lot of the crates and crates rewards.
    Moose has implemented a system in that you can invite friends to the server and receive rewards.
    Moose plans to work with language files of Towny to make it more unique to Civ
    Moose has created custom kill messages that will display in chat
    Moose has implemented damage indicators.

    All of this will be tested and implemented into the live server in the next update.

    So what can DJ Froggy Fresh do for me?

    Moose's ultimate goal here is to create that communication between the community and the server in its entirety. He will be receiving a small section on the forums that he can manage that is re-doing the suggestions system currently in-place. Does this mean that management is going to be less involved? No, this is a way for us to actually come up with ways for things that are suggested to be implemented. But also for the ideas that we do come up we are able to go to Moose and he will be able to gauge community reaction. In Moose's section on the forums he will be allowed to post polls and discussions.

  3. danghannistan
    Created by danghannistan
    Aug 23, 2019
    Hello everyone,

    I am happy to announce that the wiki has been getting some love. See the changes in action here.

    First and foremost, in the interest of user privacy & security, an account is now required to contribute.

    Second, the CivWars logo is now on the wiki as the wordmark and favicon.

    Third, I have cleaned up many pages/categories, and practically every page has been definitively categorized.

    Lastly, a small change, the theme now has a bit of orange for the classic CivWars color scheme.

    Go read some history! :)
  4. IHazCow
    Created by IHazCow
    Aug 18, 2019
    Civwars Youtuber Initiative Information:
    We at Civwars are proud to announce a new way for players to earn cool rewards!! This project will help foster server growth and foster the communities channel growth on youtube. This project essentially boils down to getting you, the community, to record your own videos on Civwars, upload them, and get rewarded. Here's how it works.

    Firstly you must follow the requirements listed below. Once you have recorded a video, uploaded it, and sent it to staff, they will calculate how many points you have earned and let you know. You can then spend your points earned to purchase the rewards listed below, and soon we will have a shop ingame for you creators to buy from. That's basically it, I hope to see some good content out there soon!!


    In the title the words “ Towny War “ must be included together somewhere in the title.
    • Correct Usage: Nexus (4) vs Legion (4) - Towny War Server
    • Correct Usage: Vesoul (1) vs Montro (5) - Civwars Towny War Server
    • Incorrect Usage: Towny Battle War!!
    • Incorrect Usage: Nexus (4) vs Legion (4) - Towny Server with War
    Additionally including the Word(s) “Civwars” or “Civilization Wars” will grant you bonus points.

    Correct Title Rewards: 10 Points
    Adding “Civwars” or “Civilization Wars” Rewards: 5 Points

    In the description the following must be pasted in, under whatever custom description you wish to write:

    IP: play.civwars.net
    Version: 1.13.2

    Video Tags:
    Towny War
    Towny Wars
    Civilization Wars
    Civ Wars
    Minecraft 1.13.2
    Minecraft 1.14.3
    Minecraft 1.14.4
    Minecraft 1.12.2
    Minecraft 1.7.10
    Minecraft 1.8.9
    Minecraft 1.15
    Player Versus Player
    Faction War
    Faction Wars
    Minecraft War
    Civilization Building
    Civilization Builders
    Custom Plugins
    Custom Events

    Correct Description Rewards: 10 Points

    Videos of you hopping around spawn or doing nothing meaningful on the server will not be counted towards anything. Videos must be uploaded and sent to staff who will check it and grant you reward points to spend. Videos can only be redeemable after the date this is posted (aka videos uploaded before this date are not applicable).

    1-3 Minutes: 10 Points
    4-6 Minutes: 15 Points
    7-10 Minutes: 20 Points
    10+ Minutes: 25 Points

    Capturing a PvP Battle (Outside of KoTHs) on footage: Bonus 20 Points
    Capturing a Warflagging Raid on footage: Bonus 5 Points

    10k - 30 Points
    10 Rare Keys - 35 Points
    8 God Apples - 60 Points
    1 Epic Key - 75 Points
    1 P4 Set + God Sword - 100 Points
    1 Legendary Key - 200 Points
    1 Trident - 500 Points
    More Prizes being added soon - let us know what you want to see
  5. danghannistan
    Created by danghannistan
    Jul 19, 2019
    • Money (significantly) & gold blocks (mildly) buffed on all crates.
    • Elytra are now enabled in the end. Go wild flyboys.
    • Since you can't claim in the nether, we've enabled silk touching blaze spawners in the nether. Be careful, once you place them in the overworld you will not be able to move them.
    Store Changes
    • Merchant's License duration upped to a month.

    To celebrate the crate buff, I'll be giving out some free keys Saturday, July 20th at 6PM PST/9PM EST. Hop on to fight at KOTH and get some keys.