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  1. danghannistan
    Created by danghannistan
    Jul 14, 2019
    Here is a list of the changes we've made recently:

    • As per rule 2.II.G, unflaggable grinders are now practically impossible. Mobs will not spawn in a town unless someone from that town is online.
    • Towny prices generally lowered
    • Town and nation prices set to 1000 and 4500 respectively
    • /t buy bonus no longer gets more expensive the more bonus blocks you buy
    • Base damage slightly increased
    • Strength slightly buffed
    Mob Stacker
    • Killing one mob in a stack will kill the whole stack. Should make grinders a lot better.
    • Projectiles (potions, arrows, eggs, etc) originating from the player no longer inherit the player's velocity. Should make things feel more accurate and make potions feel more similar to previous versions of the game.
  2. IHazCow
    Created by IHazCow
    Jun 29, 2019
    Hello CIvWars Community,

    Obviously the community is a bit unhappy with the turn out of the recent event and as am I. Unfortunately for us this was not how we wanted the event to turn out for the server or for ourselves.When this event was originally planned we knew that all the staff were going to be present and we knew a lot more of how the event would turn out. However, when we had to bump the event back we couldn't cancel as we had already hinted at an event. Due to lack of planning the first go around we had issues creating the second one, and it became a forced situation. I would like to personally apologize as I am the main reason the event fell apart today.

    What had happened today has been deemed unacceptable by myself and I will not allow myself to do this again. While my activity is pretty hit or miss, I would like to say that I have not been inactive. There may be times where I work for a few days and then come back, but I am not abandoning CivWars. This is certainly a hobby and I am not going to give up on it.

    What we can assure is that we will certainly be much more careful when it comes to planning in the future and if we decide that we would want to continue trying to host Events that they will be much more designed for a good player experience.

    CivWars is going through a lot recently and some of it has been good and some of it has been not as good. I hope what people realize is that there is a community here. Looking into the future of CivWars I can safely assure that there is new content coming to the server, and a lot of time has been put into designing the new content. We have hired a freelance Minecraft developer that has been working with us for a couple weeks now. What has been completed is a new integration into towny that will create more balance in the world.

    Again I would like to apologize for the turn out of this event.

    I am sorry,

  3. IHazCow
    Created by IHazCow
    Jun 25, 2019
    (Changed) Rules:
    • The rules have been re-formatted so that they are significantly easier to read:
    (Changed) Staff:
    • Eyefull is going to go ahead and step down from his Community Manager position and he is going to be replaced by Danghannistan. Eyefull is not being removed from management, but he will take a role that permits his inactivity and allows him to continue with his real life. Fortunately for us he still cares and will still provide input where he is needed and wanted. Danghannistan will be taking the community manager place.
    (Changed) Shop:
    • (Added) 1x Warp (Neutrals only) to the shop which allows the creation of a public warp to their town and a No-PVP zone around the warp so that they make have a public place they create for everyone to enjoy. This is only allowed for neutrals and traps are not allowed.
    • (Added) Merchant's License (Everyone)
    • [​IMG]
    • (Added) Towny Flight (Neutral Only)
    • [​IMG]
    (Added) Event Post
    • Gunna meme some nerds.
  4. IHazCow
    Created by IHazCow
    Jun 25, 2019
    Time Paradox Event

    CRACK, the screaming hiss echoed throughout the world. An almost unnatural sound almost as if the sky itself had been torn apart. The chat immediately went nuts, frenzied players asking what that sound was and where it came from, but no one had the answer. Many players boarded boats and mounted their horses, racing towards where they believed the mysterious sound came from. Days passed by without hearing the sound again, but the brave adventures still searched for what caused that heart racing screech. Finally, after days of searching, one lone adventure peered down into a valley filled with strange mist. Jutting out of the mist like cliffs out of the ocean were towers, almost as if there was a building, or castle down there. As the adventurer descended into the valley, he stumbled upon a gravel path marked with signs, stopping to look at one he read the words "Dreadfort". The adventurer pressed on along the path, not daring to stray from it until he came to a large signpost. On it was faint words describing how this castle had been fought over dozens of times, but remained intact. The adventurer didn't understand most of it, phrases like "Built by the Blood Cartel", or "Standing there as as strategic challenge to Nexusian outposts located nearby". He deduced that this ancient building must be from prehistoric times, and wondered how it had stayed hidden for this long. Curious, he creeped forward, coming up to a massive iron-wrought gate. As he approached the gate looking for a way in he heard a massive THUD behind and twirled around. Standing there behind him was a 7 foot rodent, perched on its two massive hind legs and wielding a cutlass easily twice the size of a normal sword. The adventurer screamed and turned to run, only to fall against the castle walls that seemed to emerge out the fog from nowhere. He begged and pleaded with the massive rat, asking him to spare his life. The rodents jaws opened up as it approached the adventurer and out bellowed out a sentence "You shouldn't have come here CactusKing" before lifting his cutlass and sending the poor soul straight to hell as he admitted one final scream.

    Before the adventurer was slain by the rodent of Dreadfort, he had managed to launch a cry for help in the chat. It is now up to you to find the Dreadfort, Kill the resident rodents, and claim the vast treasures inside the castle.

    Bring your gear, Bring your armies, none will enter the Dreadfort.


    Good Evening CivWars Community, I am proud to announce a brand new event coming soon.

    The Time Paradox event will hopefully be a common event on the server that will help incorporate the old history of the server into the new map and new players. These events will transport well known locations from the original map into the current one and have players conquer or achieve control over the location as their own. There will be prizes located inside and is well worth for you to try and take. Here's how it'll work

    The Staff team (Admins+) will be defending the location from player flags for 3 hours. If players can successfully flag and annex the event town into their nation before the time is up, than victory is theirs. If they fail, the defending team will emerge victorious and get the town in their nation.
    This event is neutral friendly, neutrals will be placed on the side of the Staff Team to help defend the location for themselves. All other players must declare war and march their forces straight to the home block.
    There will be loot located within the event town claims, meaning you will be rewarded for using the gear and effort to seize these prehistoric locations.
    The Dreadfort Time Paradox Event will be: 6/29/19 @ 3PM PST (6PM EST)

    I hope you guys enjoy this event and look forward to more of them in the future.
    Thank you
    -CivWars Team
  5. IHazCow
    Created by IHazCow
    Jun 2, 2019
    (Changed) Forums
    • Fixed the SSL on the entire site, now everything is secure.
    • Added the search function back
    • Made it have the fancy Favicon:
    • [​IMG]
    • Attached the PNG below for anybody that wants the proper CW logo
    (Changed) Server settings
    • Fixed the issue causing server stutters. Wont get into detail on what changed, but this will help greatly.
    (Changed) Towny
    • Added a fix for the unclaim while being attacked thing. If the town is under attack, nothing can be unclaimed. In reference to #ticket-95
    • [​IMG] --->[​IMG]

    (Changed) CivCheat

    • Made it a lot more friendly towards not kicking everyone for every little issue.
    • Made it also a lot easier to tweak problems.
    • Looking into a better AC.
    (Fixed) Tab Menu:
    • New order:
    • [​IMG]