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  1. IHazCow
    Created by IHazCow
    May 11, 2019
    Changed/Added: Towny


    • (Change) Enemy Tax ($500/day) - tax increase when a nation is enemied
    • (Change) Enemy Initial Cost ($3500) - initial payment to enemy a nation
    • (Added) Nation Capital Immunity - Nation Capitals are immune until they are the only town left in the nation.
    • (Change) Nation Lockdown - Towns cannot leave nation, towns cannot be added to nation, capital cannot be changed, town homeblocks cannot be changed — when a nation is enemied by another.
    • (Added) Annexation - When a town homeblock is won the town is annexed by the attacking nation and an NPC mayor is set. The nation leader can then choose a player to become the mayor of the town
    • (Added) Warlog Auto Punish - Warlogging punishments are automatic.
    • (Added) One week armistice for launch. PvP will still be enabled. (Removed 5/18)
    • (Added) Killing a player in PvP gives their full balance (does not apply to duels or KoTH)
    • (Changed) Player heads drop 25% (increased from 10%) of the time (50% with looting)
    • (Added) Resident-Based Tax (Taxes are based an amount of residents rather than static)
    • (Changed) Town Cost: 600
    • (Changed) Nation Cost: 5000
    • (Changed) Plots now 16x16 (chunks)
    • (Functionality Added) Nation effects are planned to be added.
    • (Added) New Towny features are in from Towny updates
    Vanilla Mechanics:
    • (Removed) Phantoms
    • (Changed) Gapples craftable
    • (Added) PvP reverted to 1.8
    • (Removed) Shulker boxes disabled
    • (Removed) Mending disabled
    • (Changed) Apple drop rate buffed
    • Can make shops by left-clicking a chest with the item you want to sell in hand.
    • (Added) Each crate has its own kit (from iron on the low end to protection 4 diamond at the highest end), excluding roulette key
    • (Added) Chance to earn next voting key
    • (Removed) Quartz, some other bad items removed
    (Added)Lost Souls/Lost Souls Shop:
    • (Changed) Lost souls can be obtained randomly when mining under y=20
    • (Added) Can be redeemed for items using /shop
    (Added) ZHorses:
    (Added) WordBank:
    • Fun item naming plugin.
    • 18 characters determine name.
    • 1 for color, 1 for word count, 4 for each word (max: 4).
    • Rename item in anvil, right click enchanting table twice, name is applied.
    • Using the same name will give the same Wordbank name.
    • Keep them for yourself as a trade secret or sell them!
    • ~20K word dictionary
    • Words based on CivWars
    • Can be “solved” to a certain degree
    • Uses shulker shells, purchasable in shop for $25
    (Added) Money Notes:
    • Added to allow safe storage of money
    • /withdraw all
    • /withdraw (amount)
    • Max is 1000, minimum is 10

    (Added) KoTH:
    • (Added) On a schedule
    • (Implementing) Adding more maps shortly

    Donator Changes:
    • (Added) New Title system (May be able to do custom titles, we will see)
    • (Added) Access to /hdb (Head Database) to be able to build with custom head block. (Spawning online player heads is disabled) Can only spawn decorative blocks.
    • (Added) New spawn (Handmade mostly by JohnEricoJr)
    • (Added) Designated Minigames world for KoTH and future games. ;)
    • (Re-added) CoolSurdy Goblin
    • (Added) Plenty of secrets.
    • (Added) Nexus HQ added in under spawn by schematic provided by Moose.
    • (Added) Significantly increased RAM.
    • (Changed) Tweaked automatic view distance adjusting to be based off of active chunk count, players online, and TPS. Should run a lot smoother with higher view distances.
    • (Changed) Civwars.buycraft.net -> store.civwars.net
    • (Added) New forums section for neutrality purposes. Only staff can respond to these threads. Anybody can see/react to them.

    Rule Changes:

    • (Added) Alts are autobanned on login, must be registered @ https://forms.gle/PWjXpC1XCnDX392aA
    • (Changed) 1 alt allowed per player (2 accounts total)
    • (Added) All player accounts must be in the same town
    • (Added) Do not share accounts with other users
    • (Changed)Implemented old rules, rewritten for clarity and conciseness
    • (Changed) KoTH teaming now allowed
    • (Added) “Insiding” not allowed
    • (Changed) Driving away new players not allowed
    • (Added) /help
    • (Changed) /discord
    • (Added) /forums
    • (Added)/wiki
    • (Added) /report [player] [reason]

    Keep in mind that 5/18 is our first planned content release. Its a big one.
  2. danghannistan
    Created by danghannistan
    May 8, 2019
    Hi everyone! Thanks for all of your questions :)
    Hoping to see you all on Saturday.
    QnA is below.
    Take a look at the server trailer, too

    Yes, neutrality is coming back largely in the way it was before, with a few tweaks surrounding it that will give neutral nations more purpose.

    You ever see a server listing for a towny server that mentions PvP? You go on and find out “yeah, we have pvp in the pvp arena!” When we mean PvP, we mean PvP. More precisely, we are Civilization Wars, where civilizations go to war. We mean it when we say war, PvP, raiding. These are the main aspects in which we differ from other towny servers; very few towny servers integrate these features into their server at all, and if at all usually not in a cohesive way that is fun and rewarding. We specialize in the towny war experience, offering the perfect blend of fire and ice with nation development and building from towny, and complementing these with aspects of war such as raiding, conquering land, and PvP. CivWars prides itself on its long history as the foremost towny war server, and now we’re coming back in a truly unique and exclusive way with the work our developers have been doing on custom additions to towny.


    Town: 600
    Nation: 5000
    Although these are currently the prices, these could be adjusted for inflation in the future.

    Our war is based on the war flag system, you can see a basic video tutorial here: . We also have some changes from the traditional system that will be fully revealed on release, but include increased war cost to discourage frivolous wars, plot size changes

    1.8 PvP.

    Jacop has answered this on Discord, he said: “Yes, we have a few contingency plans. We plan to utilize custom PVE Events, Questing, and special PvP events not related to real life server that offer cash prizes. We plan to prevent it by staying intimate with our playerbase and listening and implementing suggestions that we feel would add extreme value to the server.

    Input from our playerbase is greatly appreciated and we strive to take these steps to provide you; the player with a gaming experience that trumps competitors.

    We may trip a little bit to make these ends meet but they will meet.”

    He talked about events, and just to expand on that a bit, we have some events like building contests, lore contests, and a couple other ones planned with some neat prizes. We’re excited to see how those turn out. The changes to the war system will also hopefully discourage warmongering and promote more diplomacy and hopefully more beautiful towns.

    The plan for mending is to ban it. It seems like something that would only further increase the advantage entrenched players have over newer players (almost never ending armor). We may look into only allowing it on tools, but for now at least it will be banned outright.

    Mechanically, it is as simple as adding another nation as an enemy and placing a war flag on their land! War will have an initial cost now and also an increased tax on your nation. Make sure you have the money to wage war! Full details on the war changes will be out on release.

    On launch we’ll be running 1.13, but eventually updating to 1.14 when plugins etc. are updated is the plan!

    The new PVP system, shulker boxes, elytra, and phantoms are all out.
    We are also disabling TNT Minecarts and nerfing End Crystal damage.

    Full rule changes will be out on release, expect to see changes to neutrality, alts, and rules regarding new players.

    Thankfully we have had a lot of time to think about this. We will be adding “Nation Affects” which allows a nation to purchase certain perks that benefit the whole nation for a temporary amount of time. A few ideas we have are: Increased Crop Growth Speed, Increased Brewing Speed, Increased Furnace Speed, Enemy Entry Alert (Watchdog), Spice of Life effects (Night Vision, Water Breathing).

    We also want to focus on Neutral nations a little bit more. We know that this is a bit more of a touchy topic and that is why we are aiming to fix it. We know Nations in real life remain neutral in war… but that may not be what the people want. We aim to allow nations to remain neutral from outside threat but if the people are in unrest then they can rebel. There will be more information on this at a later time but it is just an idea.

    Now let’s talk about retention. The real reason people stay to play is the community… and at times it is toxic. Some people stay just because of that and that's all we end up with. We are calling out to our current player base to be more accepting of new players and to teach them the ropes alongside our staff.

    We will also be adding a PVE aspect in the future to keep people active during what feels like downtime. PVE events and custom created dungeons that players can run through with their friends/group.

    Overall innovation and cooperation from our community is what is going to lead us to success. We greatly appreciate any suggestions from our community because it is, in a way, everyone’s server.

    As you know we are currently running a discord invite contest (there is still time to get rewards, see #bulletin!), which has seen a lot of new players join the discord server (100+ at the moment!). We’re still waiting for Saturday to see how this will translate into player turn out.
    We are also utilizing targeted marketing to obtain players. We have a marketing plan lined up and plan to execute as time goes on. We are also planning on implementing a referral system at some point so people can get prizes for inviting friends.

    We are hoping to keep the same map for years to come. Although from a development outlook as we progress through versions, things may become problematic.

    We were able to keep the same map from 2012 to 2018 and we all know how much Minecraft has changed since then and we are hoping to do the same thing here.

    War is expensive, and continuing to wage it will be very hard indeed, even for the big guys. This should sharply decrease frivolous wars, and bring more of an element of diplomacy. We will be keeping our eye on the power balance, because we want other groups to be able to break out, and not for one group to simply squash anyone who decides to rear their head in defiance.

    Voting rewards have been a previous staple of our economy… we are hoping to change this. Voting will still yield reward as it should but it won’t be the primary source of income.

    Rank changes have not been a focus in development for the moment. We will be making changes to ranks as we introduce new features and mechanics. We may even add a few more ranks and possibly change names.

    Expect to see a lot of the original system when the full rule changes are released Saturday.

    We’re doing a one week grace period at the start. War will be more costly as well, so that will help. You can always take advantage of this rule since we’re starting with a clean slate:
    “A. All towns must be in a nation within 24 hours of creation UNLESS the town is a new town created by new players, in which case the grace period is 5 days.”
    Additionally, you may wish to avoid making a town and nation at all until you can afford to do so. And remember, neutrality applies on a nation basis, so get some people together to help you get the funds faster!

    Yes, there will be a one week grace period from release :)

    There will always be vault cities, but we’re implementing an account limit of 2 per player, which will hopefully prevent that slightly more.

    You are correct in the aspect that it discourages large towns to a certain extent, but we’re not just adding negatives like progressive tax scales, we are adding feature rich mechanics to being in a Nation.

    One of the easiest to explain and not the last to be implemented is Nation Affects. A nation leader can purchase a Nation Effect that benefits the entire nation for a period of time.

    Your question was for towns though and my answer is, it is realistic. You need people in towns to do war. The price of having people in a town collectively will be cheaper than if everyone made their “Vault Cities” to avoid it.

    Everything like our added Enemy Tax is there to better the economy and add another layer of realism.

    TLDR Version: We are doing this because it is worth it. More features will be added for big towns. It will keep towns active because Mayors will have to impose daily taxes to fund upkeep and any other projects. Nations will have to tax towns to pay for Nation Affects, sustain War, and to help towns grow.

    Well, the dragon egg itself is a very prestigious item. Right now we don’t have any plans for a special reward for people who kill the ender dragon, but it could be an idea to play with for the future, if you have any ideas for one feel free to shoot them our way.


    No, we have an all new spawn by JohnEricoJR.

    Griefing is not, nor will it ever be, allowed. Raiding is still OK (TNT cannoning for chests).

    We may look at adding in a resetting nether, or possibly something similar to KOTH but with a resource instead of a capture point, like a glowstone mountain if you’ve seen those before on HCF (obviously with different sorts of resources, though).

    We don’t have any plans for youtubers coming on at the moment, but it’s still an option we may explore further in the future.

    Keep your eyes peeled :)

    The warp wild for now is different and just under spawn. We still have the old warp wild that we can add when we do map expansions. RTP cooldown will be about what it was before.

    Home blocks are no longer something you set randomly so people in your nation can’t see important coordinates. Teleporting to other nation members’ town spawns is not going to be enabled, which will help with them previously being something largely unused (nation spawns will be able to be set, but won’t be set automatically). Home blocks are going to be absolutely vital, and your plan of defense better include defending yours, and your plan of attack attacking the enemy’s. War is also much more expensive, and starting one will be a big commitment.

    No, if anyone would like to be unbanned they can make a ban appeal. Practically everyone on the banlist was banned for hacking.

  3. IHazCow
    Created by IHazCow
    Sep 30, 2018

    Recently we have been having discussions on whether or not to limit the the alts and the rules behind them.
    We are wanting to gather player feedback and concerns with changing the rules and limiting alts or just keeping them the same.

    Take the survey here: https://goo.gl/forms/7SUDzvZJbOEbUp6E3
  4. Eyefull
    Created by Eyefull
    Sep 21, 2018
    Many of the old posts have been archived in order to organize the forums better. Posts in these sections will not count for post count, however likes you received within them will stay in addition to your trophy points received due to them. Originally I had wished to keep post count for these posts, however there was an excess of spam posts, some even having hundreds of spam replies as well. Therefore, they will not count for post count, but are still visible.

    Please attempt to keep the forums clean and do not spam or cause massive derailments in order to inflate your post count. Posts such as that will not be tolerated, and will be deleted.
  5. danghannistan
    Created by danghannistan
    Aug 31, 2018
    Hello everyone! We have added the Brewery plugin to the server. It allows you to produce alcohol, drink said alcohol, and get drunk from it. There are quite a few brews in the config currently for you to find.

    Here's a bit of info:
    Drinking alcohol gets you drunk, which makes you slur your speech in chat, as if you were drunk.
    You will get less drunk over time.
    Eating cake, cookies, milk, or bread will decrease your drunkenness.
    Brews have different levels of quality, and their names reflect this. For example, bad quality absinthe is called "Poor Absinthe," normal/average quality is just "Absinthe," and good/high quality is "Strong Absinthe." So if in your experiments you stumble upon a drink but by its name it isn't of the best quality, try tweaking your recipe until you perfect it.

    In this post I am going to outline how to brew your own alcohol.

    If you're more of a visual person, or just don't like reading here is a video tutorial, though the recipes used may not match up with ours:

    Cauldrons are used to ferment. The cauldron is the birthplace of all brews. Place a cauldron above either fire or lava:

    The next thing you will need to do is fill your cauldron with water and add your ingredients. I will include a few recipes for some basic brews. For getting perfect brews, you need to ferment them in the cauldron for a specific amount of time. You can see the amount of time that your ingredients have been fermenting by right-clicking your cauldron with a clock, which will give you a message like this:

    Once you have fermented your ingredients for the correct amount of time, take out your masterpiece in progress with glass bottles. Cauldrons hold 3 bottles worth of liquid. After extracting the fermented liquid, depending on the brew, you may need to either distill it in a brewing stand or age it in a barrel.

    Some brews need to be distilled. Distilling is done using glowstone in a brewing stand:

    Glowstone is not consumed by distilling (so, to clarify, one would do just fine). Just as with fermenting, brews will take different amounts of time to distill. For example, this strong absinthe was distilled 4 times:

    Some brews need to be aged in barrels. Barrels can be created from any wood type, and certain brews require certain wood types to be used for aging:

    There are two sizes of barrels:

    The smaller barrel has 9 slots (one row of inventory), the bigger barrel has the same storage as a single chest (3 rows of inventory, 27 slots).

    To make a small barrel you just need 8 stairs. Place them as seen in the photos above and place a sign on the bottom right of one of the faces and write on the first line "Barrel", hit done, and you will see this message:

    The large barrel is constructed as seen here:

    You will need 16 stairs, 18 planks, a fence, and of course a sign.

    As mentioned earlier, brews will take various amounts of time to age.

    There are a decent amount of brews currently in the config, with more likely to be added in the future. It will be a challenge to find them. Here are a couple to get you started.
    Ingredients: 15 grass
    Ferment: 5 minutes
    Distill: 6 times

    Ingredients: 9 wheat
    Ferment: 8 minutes
    Age: In oak barrel for 2 years

    Ingredients: 2 milk buckets, 6 leaves
    Ferment: 3 minutes​