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  1. coolsurdy
    Created by coolsurdy
    Jun 12, 2017

    Attention: Every day in June will have a drop party at spawn!

    • Removed Veteran rank
    The Veteran rank is inferior to Elite, yet it was highly sought after. The rank has been removed as it discouraged purchases.​
    • Updated CivCheat to CivCheat2 Alpha
    CivCheat is a customized fork of AAC created by konsolas. The server was running version 1.9.9 and we have updated to AAC 3.2.0 (upgraded 2 whole versions). Please report all errors and false-positives to the "Submit a ticket" subforum. CivCheat2 is expected to be significantly better than the previous version.​
    • Re-implemented anti-Tracer
    A plugin has just been reinstated on the server which is able to protect against Chest ESP. The plugin works by unloading chests if they are out of your line of sight with a refresh rate of 20 ticks (every second).​
    • Increased world border from 24,000 to 27,000 blocks wide
    Enjoy the world border being expanded by 1500 blocks in each direction!​
  2. coolsurdy
    Created by coolsurdy
    Apr 22, 2017

    The official Discord server has just been made. Click here to join it!
  3. coolsurdy
    Created by coolsurdy
    Apr 21, 2017
    Hello all,

    Since the inception of the server, many have proposed solutions to "The End Question". Last year, a /warp end was created to allow all players to enjoy the ability to farm enderpearls, XP, and gunpowder in a public end warp.

    With that being said, The End will be formally closing on May 1st. After it has been closed, no player will be able to enter the end world, regardless of if they have a spawn there. After it has been confirmed that all players have moved their belongings out of the end, the end world will be deleted.

    The status quo remains extremely unfair for the vast majority of players. Only a few nations have access to the end, meaning that a select few have an exceedingly unfair edge over everyone else.

    One alternative solution that has been proposed by many is to open the end. However, the prospect of end warfare is an extremely calamitous scenario, and one that would undermine all war and PvP on CivWars.

    The End is a vast, endless void that spans 256 blocks in height, and it was never intended to be a medium in which PvP and war could occur. War would simply be reduced to building 1 block wide bridges and water elevators just to simply arrive at the target destination. Even more concerning is that players would fall off into the void, which would be exceedingly frustrating.

    The only pragmatic solution is to close the end. I hope all of you understand.


  4. coolsurdy
    Created by coolsurdy
    Jan 29, 2017
    Hello everyone,

    Today, we will be taking the exceptional step of updating CivCheat. As some of you may know, CivCheat is a customized fork of AAC created by konsolas. The server was running version 1.9.9 and we have updated to AAC 3.0.3 (upgraded 2 whole versions).

    Obviously, with an update so drastic expect to see some faults. There will be some bugs and false positives in the following days, however all will be detected and fixed immedietly. From now until beta testing is complete, CivCheat will have "BETA" text in the prefix, signaling that the build has not fully been tested.

    Hopefully this will improve the quality of our anticheat to compete with the ever-increasing pace of cheat/hack development. Thank you for your cooperation.
  5. coolsurdy
    Created by coolsurdy
    Dec 19, 2016

    Today's referendum will run until December 22, 2016. It regards the current nether vault crisis, more specifically, the ability for players to create claimed vaults and store valuables without running the risk of being war-flagged, since warflagging is impossible due to the restrictions placed on above-nether building and traversing. This is a critical problem that warrants an urgent solution.

    Two solutions will be presented and are potiential outcomes if they achieve the majority of the vote. Neither solution will be to retain the status quo, meaning a change to the nether will be made.

    OPTION 1:
    Allow flagging in the nether

    This option would allow players to go above the nether bedrock and up until y=147, allowing 20 blocks from the bedrock layer to another invisible buffer. Within this area above the nether, war-flags would be able to be placed and defended.The placing or interaction with any storage block would be prohibited, and mob spawning would be disabled above the nether.

    OPTION 2: Disable claiming in the nether

    This option would remove all Towny claims in the nether and prevent further claiming. If voted for, there would be a 2 week warning period for everyone to move out valuables before claims would be removed and prevented.