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  1. coolsurdy
    Created by coolsurdy
    Dec 19, 2016

    Today's referendum will run until December 22, 2016. It regards the current nether vault crisis, more specifically, the ability for players to create claimed vaults and store valuables without running the risk of being war-flagged, since warflagging is impossible due to the restrictions placed on above-nether building and traversing. This is a critical problem that warrants an urgent solution.

    Two solutions will be presented and are potiential outcomes if they achieve the majority of the vote. Neither solution will be to retain the status quo, meaning a change to the nether will be made.

    OPTION 1:
    Allow flagging in the nether

    This option would allow players to go above the nether bedrock and up until y=147, allowing 20 blocks from the bedrock layer to another invisible buffer. Within this area above the nether, war-flags would be able to be placed and defended.The placing or interaction with any storage block would be prohibited, and mob spawning would be disabled above the nether.

    OPTION 2: Disable claiming in the nether

    This option would remove all Towny claims in the nether and prevent further claiming. If voted for, there would be a 2 week warning period for everyone to move out valuables before claims would be removed and prevented.
  2. coolsurdy
    Created by coolsurdy
    Nov 27, 2016
    Hello everyone,

    Until TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29TH the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale will be in effect! Enjoy up to 60% OFF store-wide!

  3. coolsurdy
    Created by coolsurdy
    Oct 21, 2016
    Hello everybody,

    As it's become obvious, the server activity has decreased drastically since summer. While I am extremely proud of how successful the server was this summer (breaking our records), it's become apparent that changes need to be made to increase the server's stimulation, and to keep game play fresh.

    All school breaks, especially summer, are a hit for us. With the school year we saw a decrease in activity, which was normal. Likely we will see a drastic increase of activity during Thanksgiving and Christmas/Winter break.

    To increase activity, I'm proud to announce a ban purge, to give banned players another chance.

    All players that were banned for an offense OTHER THAN DDOSing/Threats will have the opportunity to submit another appeal, and probably get unbanned. Please note that this does not apply to any player banned for DDoSing or DDoS threats.

    Thank you!
  4. coolsurdy
    Created by coolsurdy
    Oct 1, 2016
    Hello everyone,

    Alt rules have now officially been formalized and the official rules post has been updated with the following:

    Alt Rules:
    Players must declare all other accounts if any one of them is war-flagged. They must disclose them to the public in general chat (when at least 10 people are online), at least one member of staff, and the nation that they are at war against.

    To reiterate, you MUST declare ALL your other accounts if ANY of your accounts is war-flagged. The other accounts you need to declare are all those that you own and have ever logged onto the server with. If you log into the server with a new account, you must declare that as well. Connecting accounts are determined by IP, human being, and/or as reasonably interpreted as staff.

    You must do the following when declaring your other accounts:
    • Tell general chat when at least 10 people are online
    • Tell at least one member of staff
    • Tell the nation that you are at war against
    A good example of declaring is saying "I, (your name on this account), declare that my other accounts are as follows: (all your other accounts go here)." Please note that you must declare all your alts.

    • G. Alternate account calling rules. Players may request a player that they come on another account that they wish to war-flag if they are online with another account that they disclosed or used to disclose. Players may not call a player to join to war-flag them and end up not war-flagging.
    Alt Calling Rules:

    If you wish to war-flag someone and they are online with an alternate account that they disclosed or used to disclose, you may request that they get online to war-flag them. However, if you request that they get online to war-flag them and fail to war-flag them you will be punished.
  5. coolsurdy
    Created by coolsurdy
    Sep 15, 2016
    Notice: Voting has ended and with a 52.4% vote, login CAPTCHA's will not be implemented.

    Hello everyone,

    Today we will be holding a referendum on whether or not there shall be a simple text based CAPTCHA whenever a user is kicked for being AFK for a period longer than 20 minutes. The voting will end in 7 days, on September 21st. The user will be asked to state a simple, random word in chat whenever they reconnect. Please note these CAPTCHAs would only prompt the user for a random word after they reconnect from being kicked for AFK.

    For example, let's say a player gets kicked for being AFK. When they reconnect, it will state in chat "Please say 'cat' in chat within 30-60 seconds!" The user will need to type 'cat' into chat within 30-60 seconds or they will be kicked and temporarily denied access to the server (for anywhere from a few minutes to an hour)

    The intent with these text based CAPTCHA's are to effectively eliminate auto reconnect mods and end bots AFKing at farms even after being kicked by the 20 minute AFK timer.

    A yes vote means implementing these CAPTCHA's when players are kicked for being AFK to disable the effectiveness of auto reconnect mods. This would essentially bring an end to AFK bots at farms and require humans to be behind the screen at all times. This can have multiple implications including hampering of automatic farms, as well as material production, both of which would impact the server economy.

    Main arguments for yes:
    • Ends the so-called "unfair" practice of having a bot AFK for you at a farm

    A no vote means retaining the status quo (not implementing login CAPTCHA's).

    Main arguments for no:
    • Allows the usage of bots to AFK at farms
    • Prevents users from accidentally being temporarily blocked from the server if they fail to provide the random word in time
    • Retains the simplicity and convenience
    Warning: Only 1 vote per IP Address and per player. Any player found abusing or rigging the poll will be severely punished.