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  1. coolsurdy
    Created by coolsurdy
    Jul 12, 2016
    The rules have been amended and no longer is "surprise-attacking" a prohibited practice. Rule 3, B. is NO LONGER PROHIBITED. Meaning any town can be attacked when any player is online, assuming it is not an alt, as per Rule 3, A.

    This rule is no longer applicable:

    III. No “dirty tricks" to aid in war-flagging:

      • B. A mayor, co-mayor, or assistant from a town must be online to “surprise attack” a town. A “surprise attack” is a sudden warflag attempt when no precious instances with war-flags between the two nations at conflict have been present in the last 48 hours. (I.e. surprise attacking a town in an enemy nation when no mayor, co-mayor, or assistant of that town is not allowed, but attacking a town where there has been war-flags present in the last 48 hours between you and the nation you are attacking does not require a mayor, co-mayor, or assistant to be online). This rule applies for entire nations.
  2. coolsurdy
    Created by coolsurdy
    Jul 7, 2016
    Rule II - No “Dirty war”

    I. No griefing:

    The usage of withers in combat as well as "Nether raiding", the practice of strategically placing nether portals inside of towns/bases/vaults to then shoot TNT, TNT minecarts, or other explosives through is prohibited.

  3. coolsurdy
    Created by coolsurdy
    Jun 19, 2016
    Hello Everyone,

    When I first launched CivWars in June of 2013, it was simply a small recreational server with me and my friends. Since then it has grown tremendously, notably in the last few weeks as Summer has started. We've made quite a few changes recently, and I want to list all of them here, in our first official blog post.


    • New Website, Forums, and Store!
    You've probably noticed the new and improved website, forums, and webstore by now. On http://civwars.net we have a completely redesigned portal page, complete with 4 buttons leading to Home, Forums, Store, and Voting links.


    In addition, we redid our forums, as you can probably tell since you're looking at the new ones right now. We ditched freeforums.org and now host it on our own domain with a simple link, http://civwars.net/forums/

    Lastly, we have redesigned our webstore with icons for many of the packages. We also rewrote the descriptions of the Ranks to make it clearer and easier to understand

    • New Wilderness Spawn and Terrain!
    The change we are most exciting about adding is the new Wilderness Spawn, complete with a 500x500 custom terrain Island. It will be the first impression new players get when they join the server, so that is why we have been working hard to make it look as professional as possible.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    • New Builds!
    We added a new Market warp to centralize and organize our economy into one place. Our economy's principle of a player based, supply & demand economy was a very good concept. However, with ChestShops within towns it was extremely unorganized. Through this Market, we retain the player based economy while optimizing it to include an easy to get to warp, and organized shop stalls.

    We also added a new Nether accessible via warp. This new Nether has monthly resets, to have large amounts of fresh soul sand, quartz ore, and glow-stone to extract from, as well as new Nether Forts to explore and loot. The existing Nether stays without a reset.
    Lastly, we are going to add a new End world due to high demand. This will also be accessible via warp and will be used as a PvP World with Enderman that spawn as well, to farm enderpearls. Also, there will be a daily boss that spawns there with exciting loot.
  4. coolsurdy
    Created by coolsurdy
    Jun 15, 2016
    Hello all,

    Server will be down for 4 hours to transfer the server to our new location in Ashburn, Virginia

    Edit: Server transfer is completed. Connect with play.civwars.net

    However if play.civwars.net has not redirected to the new IP for you, give it 24 hours. For now, connect with

    Connect with
  5. coolsurdy
    Created by coolsurdy
    May 30, 2016
    Welcome to the tutorial thread! This thread will show you how to get started on Civilization Wars.


    Connect with 1.14.4

    Civilization Wars is a Towny War server. Create or join a town, and fight others!

    To join a town, simply ask in chat. If not many players are online, you should get some resources in the meantime. Use /rtp to get a random teleport into fresh terrain. The majority of our players run on Eastern Standard Time (EST), and the server peaks around 7-10PM EST.

    To create a town, click here to watch a short, custom-made tutorial about starting your own town. You may also type /help in-game to get a link to help videos.