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Brawdy for STAFF(Derp plz yes)

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Brawdy, Jul 8, 2020.

  1. Brawdy

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    Allowed to Shitpost- Derp Daddy

    Aug 16, 2018
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    - In Game Name: SquidKiller2222

    - Age: 16

    - Can you fluently speak English?: Better then Chocolate

    - Other languages fluently spoken (If any):

    - Time Zone:
    US Central
    - Country:
    United States
    - How long have you been playing Minecraft?:
    7 years
    - Have you ever been staff on any other servers?:
    Yes, I owned 2 civ clones, that while being generally awful, taught me a lot how to treat players in respectful ways even while being disrespected.
    - Why you want to be staff?:
    I want to help newer players create and foster towns, and teach them how to play, as well as help the civwars community in general.
    - What can you bring to the Civilization Wars staff team?:
    I can bring a fresher look to the Towny War genre, and lots of extreme ideas that Choco will probably shoot down instantly. I can also bring a perspective of what it's like to be a player who has been in there own town that was made of all new players, and what it's like to play on the server as someone who hasn't been in the community since its inception. I also have created wiki posts for newer players, and planned on re doing the wiki pages, but was never given the greenlight in the end to do so. All in all, I can bring a new perspective and a positive attitude to the community.
    - What is your Discord?: