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ChangeLog (5/10/19) Pre-Release Changelog

Discussion in 'Server Announcements' started by IHazCow, May 11, 2019.

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  1. IHazCow

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    Aug 10, 2018
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    Changed/Added: Towny


    • (Change) Enemy Tax ($500/day) - tax increase when a nation is enemied
    • (Change) Enemy Initial Cost ($3500) - initial payment to enemy a nation
    • (Added) Nation Capital Immunity - Nation Capitals are immune until they are the only town left in the nation.
    • (Change) Nation Lockdown - Towns cannot leave nation, towns cannot be added to nation, capital cannot be changed, town homeblocks cannot be changed — when a nation is enemied by another.
    • (Added) Annexation - When a town homeblock is won the town is annexed by the attacking nation and an NPC mayor is set. The nation leader can then choose a player to become the mayor of the town
    • (Added) Warlog Auto Punish - Warlogging punishments are automatic.
    • (Added) One week armistice for launch. PvP will still be enabled. (Removed 5/18)
    • (Added) Killing a player in PvP gives their full balance (does not apply to duels or KoTH)
    • (Changed) Player heads drop 25% (increased from 10%) of the time (50% with looting)
    • (Added) Resident-Based Tax (Taxes are based an amount of residents rather than static)
    • (Changed) Town Cost: 600
    • (Changed) Nation Cost: 5000
    • (Changed) Plots now 16x16 (chunks)
    • (Functionality Added) Nation effects are planned to be added.
    • (Added) New Towny features are in from Towny updates
    Vanilla Mechanics:
    • (Removed) Phantoms
    • (Changed) Gapples craftable
    • (Added) PvP reverted to 1.8
    • (Removed) Shulker boxes disabled
    • (Removed) Mending disabled
    • (Changed) Apple drop rate buffed
    • Can make shops by left-clicking a chest with the item you want to sell in hand.
    • (Added) Each crate has its own kit (from iron on the low end to protection 4 diamond at the highest end), excluding roulette key
    • (Added) Chance to earn next voting key
    • (Removed) Quartz, some other bad items removed
    (Added)Lost Souls/Lost Souls Shop:
    • (Changed) Lost souls can be obtained randomly when mining under y=20
    • (Added) Can be redeemed for items using /shop
    (Added) ZHorses:
    (Added) WordBank:
    • Fun item naming plugin.
    • 18 characters determine name.
    • 1 for color, 1 for word count, 4 for each word (max: 4).
    • Rename item in anvil, right click enchanting table twice, name is applied.
    • Using the same name will give the same Wordbank name.
    • Keep them for yourself as a trade secret or sell them!
    • ~20K word dictionary
    • Words based on CivWars
    • Can be “solved” to a certain degree
    • Uses shulker shells, purchasable in shop for $25
    (Added) Money Notes:
    • Added to allow safe storage of money
    • /withdraw all
    • /withdraw (amount)
    • Max is 1000, minimum is 10

    (Added) KoTH:
    • (Added) On a schedule
    • (Implementing) Adding more maps shortly

    Donator Changes:
    • (Added) New Title system (May be able to do custom titles, we will see)
    • (Added) Access to /hdb (Head Database) to be able to build with custom head block. (Spawning online player heads is disabled) Can only spawn decorative blocks.
    • (Added) New spawn (Handmade mostly by JohnEricoJr)
    • (Added) Designated Minigames world for KoTH and future games. ;)
    • (Re-added) CoolSurdy Goblin
    • (Added) Plenty of secrets.
    • (Added) Nexus HQ added in under spawn by schematic provided by Moose.
    • (Added) Significantly increased RAM.
    • (Changed) Tweaked automatic view distance adjusting to be based off of active chunk count, players online, and TPS. Should run a lot smoother with higher view distances.
    • (Changed) Civwars.buycraft.net -> store.civwars.net
    • (Added) New forums section for neutrality purposes. Only staff can respond to these threads. Anybody can see/react to them.

    Rule Changes:

    • (Added) Alts are autobanned on login, must be registered @ https://forms.gle/PWjXpC1XCnDX392aA
    • (Changed) 1 alt allowed per player (2 accounts total)
    • (Added) All player accounts must be in the same town
    • (Added) Do not share accounts with other users
    • (Changed)Implemented old rules, rewritten for clarity and conciseness
    • (Changed) KoTH teaming now allowed
    • (Added) “Insiding” not allowed
    • (Changed) Driving away new players not allowed
    • (Added) /help
    • (Changed) /discord
    • (Added) /forums
    • (Added)/wiki
    • (Added) /report [player] [reason]

    Keep in mind that 5/18 is our first planned content release. Its a big one.
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