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ChangeLog (5/29/19) - New hosty boi

Discussion in 'Server Announcements' started by IHazCow, May 29, 2019.

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  1. IHazCow

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    Aug 10, 2018
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    (Changed) Towny
    • Nation Capital Immunity is longer a thing. All towns in a nation can be attacked equally. If a nation capital is taken, then the next best town will become the capital.
    • Starting Balance for every player is now $10, which allows an /RTP out of spawn
    (Updated) CivCheat
    • The way things are processed is a little different. Hopefully should be less intrusive and more informational allowing staff to act accordingly.
    (Added) KoTH Maps
    • Added two new KoTH maps on a schedule at 14:00 and 17:00 daily.

    (Change) HOST
    • Within the next few hours we will be switching to free hosting provided by a friend of mine who owns an ISP in the US. We are moving to his private cabinet in the PhoenixNAP datacenter. We have the best available server processors for Minecraft for our own private box + 32GB of DDR4 + over a TB of NVME SSDs (Better than regular SSDs) available for the civwars server. Migration will occur sometime in the dead of night when population is low, expect downtime.
    • [​IMG]
    (Removed) StackMob
    • Replaced with a better solution that wont break our MySQL Daily. The replacement is made by a dev who actually likes our server and used to work on StackMob until she realized StackMob is owned and mostly coded by what seems to be a monkey dumber than my teacup chihuahua. Any sort of issues with it should be reported and will be custom fixed and tailored to our liking.

    (Updated) AntiVPN
    • Maybe it will behave better. No promises. Will continue to work with it.
    (Changed) Staff
    • Draliri promoted -> Sr. Mod
    • Dr. Chocolate added as a Mod.
    • NoobLord16 added as a Mod.
    • FlagCourier added back as a System Administrator.
    • Kicked @Eyefull for 5 mins due to him not letting me write changelogs and his constant inquiries of Trump and the political climate of Zimbabwe

    All of this will be active on next restart
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