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In game Ranks

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Badman Levi, May 9, 2020.


Would you like to add an ingame rank system to the server?

  1. Yes I believe this is something which Civwars should add!

  2. No I believe this is something which Civwars should not add!

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  1. Badman Levi

    Badman Levi
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    Nov 27, 2016
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    So I feel like this is definitely something that has already been suggested and most likely something which people have already asked for but I feel like I want to go above and beyond and create what would look like a rough system on how to upgrade from rank to rank, what would be required and the bonus's to doing this. I feel like this might be also a way for the hardcore grinders to show off what their actually capable off.

    So Something along the lines of having certain things to cross off before ranking up to the next rank would be something that could make it tough but rewarding. The rank structure should look something along the lines off this:

    Rank 0 > Rank 1
    Mob Kills: 1000
    Blocks Placed: 10000
    Votes: 10
    Jobs total level: 20
    Payment Required: $5000

    Rank 1 > Rank 2
    Mob Kills: 2500
    Blocks Placed: 25000
    Votes: 25
    Jobs total level: 40
    Payment Required: $10000

    I think this would be a nice unique way of levelling up in game and it gives people a purpose to grind them jobs, vote for the server, place them blocks and kill them mobs. The reward for ranking up could be cosmetic rewards, maybe beneficial items like diamonds or a /kit rank 3 (if you unlock a kit at rank 3) which could be maybe some iron prot 2 gear like elite rank or possibly for the higher ranks something like an additional set home to reward the higher ranks.

    I believe this might be something to reward players who like to grind out everything like this and I believe the system that I have explained will tick every box. It would require the player to grind for at least a couple of hours just to get to rank 1. For example rank 9 should require 50000 mob kills and like 200 votes. Just to make it not hard to achieve but a long grind in which people would contribute too everyday.

    I will make a poll on this post for you guys to vote on whether you would like something like an ingame rank system in place and if you think I should make some changes or you think doing it a different way would be ideal then pop it in the comments but I believe something like this is defiantly what we need.