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Karaoke Rules | Every week @ 8PM EST

Discussion in 'Server Rules' started by IHazCow, May 13, 2019.

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  1. IHazCow

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    Aug 10, 2018
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    Hello all,

    This is a community building exercise and to genuinely help growth of the server. Lets explain the concept then we can go ahead into rules and such.

    CivWars Karaoke Night
    In an effort to keep a consistent flow of new players to the community we decided to offer a chance for rule-breakers that have non-permanent or non-serious infractions to have a chance at redemption. Essentially what is going to happen is if you post a ban appeal and it is accepted with a REDUCED sentence we will also offer a chance to further reduce said ban. How this will work is a Karaoke night. Every Saturday those invited will have a chance to sing a song of our choice to have their ban sentence reduced. Songs will either be provided by staff or a donation from the community. People are allowed to donate for a song choice as long as it is DECENTLY APPROPRIATE. Please keep in mind the goal of this is for it to be funny not have somebody just repeating the N word over and over again.
    When and if you are offered a chance to do this we will offer options for songs for you to sing the night before on a Friday. You will choose the song from what we provide you and you must sing it. The more effort put in to it, the more reduction of the ban will be given. Keep in mind ALL donators are given permission to join the karaoke channel and listen. They do not have talk power. Only staff will have talk power. What will happen is staff will record you admitting to breaking whatever rule, and then you must sign your song. We will be recording all Karaoke nights and be posting them on the Civilization Wars Youtube channel.
    Donators are also allowed to record and post for advertising purposes if they wish.

    1. We will provide the songs first sourced from donated recommendations HERE. Then they will come from staff choices.
      1. Songs will be provided the Friday before the karaoke from staff and you must choose a song from the ones provided.
    2. If you are not offered a chance to sing for ban reduction, then you dont get to do it. Its not for everyone and not for ALL bans. Only non-serious bans. This is a benefit for the community and if you prove to everyone that you actually want to play again you can do some serious dedication to the community to prove it.
    3. Donators at the end of the song will vote VIA reactions on how much effort was put in. This will decide the amount of reduction you will get. You are guaranteed ATLEAST a 20% reduction if you put effort in. The more effort = the more reduction.
    4. Donated songs must be relatively appropriate, nothing too explicit and relatively YouTube friendly. If a song is too explicit we will tell you and give you a chance to change it.(Keep in mind we are going to be using this for a source of marketing and player growth as well.)
    5. This is supposed to be a community building event, please do not abuse this

    When a song has been purchased please create a ticket in #submit-a-ticket and type -new with your song link.
    It will then be decided if appropriate and added to the song queue.


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