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L'Empire needs you! [GEF Nation Recruitment]

Discussion in 'Town / Nation Threads' started by NBonaparte_BG, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. NBonaparte_BG

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    Empereur d'GEF

    Mar 1, 2018
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    Bienvenue mon amis!

    This is the Empereur of GEF(Grande Empire Française) Speaking! And I'm here to invite you to a different experience in the world of CivWars.

    Our Great Empire is a Mercantile Imperial Elective Monarchy, currently led by me, NBonaparte_BG, with the assistance of Dieu PureFlame, Ministre KiwiMasters, Maréchal Evarq and etc. It started up with a group of boys in the same year group, but now we accept everyone! The capital is Parispolis, a 15 member Large town, and trading port, which is finishing soon. We usually choose to be on neither side in a war between to large nations and become the war supplier selling gapples and other important war goods.

    We are currently looking for members that are able to:
    • Build decent structures
    • Listen to Instructions, well
    • Decent at PVP, if you want to become a soldier you have to be able to beat an officer in a duel.
    • Knows about the essentials of Minecraft
    You are also required to be:
    • 12 years or older
    • Played Minecraft for 3+ years
    • Follows the ethics of a human being.
    • Live within 6 hours of my timezone(NZST)(UTC+12)
      This is gonna change soon since I'm going to start a new town that has European and ESTs
    • Have a mic(For Team Coordination)
    • Have discord and be in our discord server(which I will privately invite you)
    • Has never leaked coords or committed any shameful or degenerate acts in your previous nation/town
    • Does not have severe anger issues(must have a reason for anger issues like family separation or genetics, if you are saying you have anger issues just because you are a teenager and is going through puberty, then that is not anger issue)

    The Nation of GEF welcomes you whether you are a newbie or a veteran to this server!
    Please message me on forums or pm me on Discord to join my disc name is LongLongwellBonaparte#6629
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  2. Boywolfpup

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    Mar 13, 2017
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    You told me something else... o_O