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MUTE lilyuh's Discord mute appeal

Discussion in 'Appeals' started by lilyuh, May 16, 2020.

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  1. lilyuh

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    May 13, 2020
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    • In-game name:
    lilyuh (lilyuh#7085).
    • Ban/Mute length:
    • Why were you banned/muted?:
    No reason given.
    • Why should we unban/unmute you?:
    In a ticket where I was trying to discuss a few problems I was having. Dreadmore bought up Alex_Shez's 1 month punishment for duping. After trying my best not to discuss that as I knew I had spoken about it a few times to staff, I eventually gave up trying to veer the conversation away from his ban and simply asked for the evidence. He said as he always does 'you are not entitled to any evidence'.

    He then warned me never to speak of Alex's punishments ever again or I will be met with a mute.

    He had stated earlier that Alex was pulling P4 out of furnaces, so got me thinking, if, on the servers end, they were to enable putting P4 into furnaces, knowing full well it would add exploits and dupes into the game, it must be for a very good reason. So as i can fully trust the staff to not lie, and as they have stated events have happend that must have included enabling P4 being placed in furnaces, I got a little curious as to what this so important reason for enabling P4 in furnaces is.

    So I asked 'why, on the server end, would you enable putting P4 into furnaces?'

    All my tickets were closed with no further explanation and I was muted indefinitely with no reason given.

    • If the appeal is accepted and your ban sentence is reduced, do you want to VOLUNTEER FOR KARAOKE for a further ban reduction?:

    I am aware there is a hidden rule that states (and I quote Dreadmore) 'we have the right to punish how we want'. So am also fully aware that anyone can be muted for anything not matter what it is, when it is, or who posted it. I understand staff may feel a need to mute me without me breaking any stated rules and/or for any reason they please and for any duration they seem would satisfy them, but I am simply fighting my case as I believe to have not done nothing wrong (I am also aware there are many more unwritten rules that I can't go into as if I do, I will be muted.).


    Also, what was my mute even for, it came out of nowhere and didn't fit Dread's warning?
  2. Dreadmore

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    Jun 25, 2017
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    After answering your few questions about Randall hacking and grief that wasn't grief you tried making it seem as if I favour nemesis. You brought up Alex as being punished for less. I addressed it and reminded you asking for or arguing over a staff decision is in fact against the rules. You had already made a ticket prior to arguing with staff over it where you were also warned.

    This appeal is Denied, appeal again in 30 days.
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