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Server Rules

Discussion in 'Server Rules' started by Eyefull, Aug 18, 2018.

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    Aug 15, 2018
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    Rule 1 - No cheating or hacking
    • No hacking or cheats of any kind will be tolerated. This should be straightforward, but here is a is a list of all modifications allowed:
    • Allowed Mods
      • OptiFine
      • Minimaps that only show blocks. Any minimap that shows players, chests, mobs, caves, or spawners is prohibited and you will be banned.
      • Sneak / Sprint Toggle
        • Only modifications that toggle sneaking or sprinting. Features like sprinting sideways/backwards are not allowed and will result in a ban.
      • Hud Mods
        • Mods that display extra HUD features such as potion effects, armor damage, coordinates and direction. Mods that display this kind of information on players other than yourself are not allowed and will result in a ban.
      • Shader mods
        • Mods that make Minecraft look better without giving you an informational advantage are allowed. Shader mods or similar mods that improve Minecraft graphics are allowed as long as they do not modify graphics in an unfair way such as seeing through blocks you can not normally see through.
      • Brightness mods
        • Turning up your gamma or using a mod that does it.
      • Chat mods
        • Modifications that make chat cleaner and reorganize it are allowed
      • NOTE: This is not a complete list, ask staff if a certain mod is allowed. Generally they will be as long as they do not give you any advantage other than performance enhancing, UI, or graphical. However, do not assume that your mod will be allowed!
    • If you are suspected of hacking or using cheats, you may be required to screenshare. We will freeze your player in-game and screenshare you on Discord. If you disconnect after we freeze you, or do not comply within 5 minutes, you will be banned. We will ask you to show us your Minecraft client, your .minecraft folder, as well as ask you to download our "anti-ghost client" cheat smasher, which will detect if your game has a ghost client loaded. If deemed necessary, we may ask you to show us other relevant folders on your system, such as your downloads folder. However, we will almost never do this, since it is a breach of privacy.
    • The punishments for breaking this rule are as follows:
      • If ANY Minecraft cheat or hack is found on your system:
        • 1 week ban to 6 month ban
      • If ANY Minecraft cheat or hack is running on your current client:
        • Indefinite ban (presumed permanent)
    Rule 2 - No “Dirty war”

    Part I: No griefing:
    • No griefing of any sort. Griefing is an unnecessary and prohibited practice that has no place on the server. Destroying a build someone worked hours on does nothing but upset the creator. However, it is more than welcome to raid and loot towns, as well as use weapons such as TNT. Just make sure they serve a purpose and offer a direct, immediate military advantage in the context of that battle (E.g. Creating a TNT cannon to target chests and gain loot, or using a TNT cannon to get through walls). Burning down towns or blowing up buildings without targeting chests is prohibited. If you have conquered a town, the same rules still apply, since the original creators can still take it back through war. You still cannot burn it down or blow it up.

    • The usage of withers for raiding is prohibited. "Nether raiding", the practice of strategically placing nether portals inside of towns/bases/vaults to then shoot TNT, TNT minecarts, or other explosives through is prohibited.

    Part II. No exploits or tricks to avoid being war-flagged including but not limited to:
    • A. All towns must be in a nation within 24 hours of creation UNLESS the town is a new town created by new players, in which case the default grace period is 5 days.
    • B. No town may leave a nation to avoid being war-flagged.
    • C. No players may leave the server to avoid being war-flagged. A log out is considered a warlog if one of these 2 conditions are met:
    • Warlogging Rules: The following scenarios are what are classified as a warlog:
    • If a warflag is currently in place against their town and they disconnect OR
    • If a warflag was placed in the last 5 minutes against their town and they disconnect.
      For a warlog to occur, all players from a town must disconnect, therefore if one player remains online while others disconnect, it is not a warlog.
    • Warlogging Exemption: You are exempt from warlog punishment if the following conditions are met:
    • Your nation and allied nations (excluding neutral nations), if applicable, are outnumbered by a ratio greater than or equal to 2:1, e.g. 1v2+, 2v4+, 3v6+, etc.
    • Must not be outnumbered due to your nation members or allies logging out within 5 minutes of an enemy flag.
    • D. No town shall exploit world height or use other exploits to avoid being war-flagged. This includes building within 100 blocks of a world border. No block in any plot can exceed y=251 or else it is impossible to plant a war flag. You may build to the height limit but know that in war your build may be trimmed to comply with height regulation.
    • E. It is not allowed for any player not in a neutral town to store ANY items in ANY way in a neutral town
    • F. Vaults (item storage) may not be shared with people from different towns. A hypothetical vault MUST be claimed by “Town A” to be used by a player in “Town A”. Players in “Town B” may not use the vault claimed by“Town A”, and vice versa. ONLY players who are in the town that claims the vault may access it. Even if both towns belong to the same nation, towns (and all players within) may only use vaults claimed to their towns only. This is to ensure vaults can be war flagged if a player that has access to it is online. Towns and players within neutral nations are except from this rule.

    • G. A player may only load chunks at a farm for prolonged periods of time if they are a part of the town that claims the farm, or if somebody from that town is online. “Prolonged periods of time” is for over 5 minutes, or deemed by the staff. To summarize, you cannot use alts that aren’t in hypothetical “Town A” to AFK at a farm that is claimed by “Town A” unless someone from "Town A" is online.
    Part III. No exploits or tricks to aid in war-flagging
    • A. No flag blocking. All war-flags must be placed at GROUND LEVEL and ONLY surrounded by a MAXIMUM of a one block thick DIRT layer touching and surrounding the bottom two blocks (wool and fence post). The torch of the war-flag MUST be visible from all four sides.
    • B. All towns must attack from the true edge of the town and may not exploit town claims from another town such as embassies or outposts within the attacking town to get a jump start. The defending town may not claim behind the attacking town’s claims in an attempt to set them back, as that is an exemption to this rule.
    Part IV. Miscellaneous
    • A. You must have permission from town mayors to set your home in their town. Permission can be revoked. If it is, you are required to delete your home.
    • B. All bases must be claimed.
    • C. Do not go on top of the nether for any reason, being on the bedrock roof is strictly prohibited.
    • D. All town names must be searchable and without chat formatting. (For example, you may not name your town "spawn" or "online")
    Rule 3 - Chat Violations:
    • A. No racism, homophobia, offensive remarks about, or discrimination based off of race, religion, creed, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality. Be tolerant towards all peoples of different ethnicity, religion, race, gender, and sexuality.
    • B. No spam or excessive capital letters.
    • C. No blackmailing, DDoS, Doxing, or sharing addresses or full name of any sort. We take personal security very seriously on Civilization Wars. Do not share others’ information without consent.
    • D. Do not ask for an unban or an unmute for yourself or another player or you may be muted.
    • E. No advertising or mentioning other server names without approval from staff. Please get staff approval before advertising your YouTube channel.
    • F. Players must respect staff decisions. Respectful disagreement and constructive criticism is allowed. Harassment over staffed duties is not allowed. Players are not required to respect staff any more than other players during normal gameplay; this rule applies exclusively to staff duties and decisions.
    • G. No banned words may be in IGNs, town names, or nation names. If you can’t say it in chat, it cannot be in your IGN/town name/nation name!
    • H. Discussion about religion and politics is permitted to the extent that it does not get uncivil or escalate into an argument. If you are asked to stop and do not, you will be permanently muted.
    • I. Demanding to be muted, kicked, or banned after being issued a warning to cease and desist warrants a permanent mute.
    • J. Please keep General chat SFW, overtly sexual and/or questionable messages will result in punishment.
    Rule 4 - Alt Rules
    • No abuse of alternative accounts is permitted.
      • A. Players may not use alternate accounts as invulnerable vaults ("alt vaults"), players caught doing this will have their items deleted and may face even harsher punishment
      • B. Only 1 alternate account per player is allowed, for a total of 2 accounts per player. Exceptions may be made in case of siblings, make a ticket in the CivWars Discord to make your case.
      • C. All of your accounts MUST be in the same town. No exceptions.
      • D. Your alt will be banned when it firsts joins. You must register it here: https://forms.gle/HsFJ7kMXViWwkg8aA
      • E. Do not share accounts with other users.
      • F. You cannot log out with an alt account within a city and use to reconnect and teleport your main account and then log off again. You can, however, log off anywhere you please, so long as when you reconnect you use that account to play, instead of using that alt account solely as an anchor to teleport other players in.
      • G. No players shall use an alternate account to impersonate a player from a specific account being online. (I.e. you may not join a town with an alt then log on from that alt to war-flag the town while no legitimate members are online).
    Rule 5 - Player Protections:
    • Driving players away through misinformation, harassment, or any other means is not allowed.
    • "Insiding" players, or betraying players by leaking information, coordinates, or raiding is prohibited.
    Rule 6 - Misc Rules:
    • Do not use shops or auction house as vaults or item storage
    Neutrality Rules

    Submitting an Application:
    You may submit an application by making a post in the Neutrality Application section of the forums.
    You must meet the requirements (below).

    1. Cannot have initiated a warflag attack in the last 60 days.
    2. Cannot have been involved in any PvP engagement in the last 30 days (may be waived in case of self defense)
    3. No players outside of your town may have items stored in your town when you become neutral.
    4. You must make a security deposit of 20,000$, to be returned in 120 days assuming no neutrality rules are broken; they are as follows:
    • 1. Neutrality payments are to be made on the 15th of every month. The price of neutrality per nation is 15000$. Beginning April 15th, 2020, the price of neutrality per nation will be $35,000.
    • 2. You may not warflag, or otherwise participate in any wars or battles.
    • 3. Other players/nations may not attack you or your neutral nation in ways such as, but not limited to, TNT cannoning or PVP. However, neutral players outside of their territory may be attacked.
    • 4. No account associated with a neutral player may be in a non neutral nation.
    • 5. Neutral players must act in a way that does not incite violence. When in another player’s town they must follow the wishes of the mayor. Threats, intimidation, and insults are all prohibited. If you are attacked as a neutral player you may only fight back if you believe you are going to die.
    • 6. It is the mayor’s responsibility to instruct all their citizens to not participate in any PvP conflict or warflagging.
    • 7. Any players not in a neutral nation may not store items in a nation that is neutral.
    • 8. You may not untoggle neutrality temporarily to participate in an offensive and retoggle it later.
    • 9. (Follow up to 8) Players and towns may not leave/rejoin your nation to bypass these rules! Towns/players may leave neutral nations at any time, but must wait AT LEAST 48 hours since they left to participate in any PvP/military engagement, including warflagging.
    • 10. If you are asked by a neutral nation to leave their town, you must comply.
    Infractions and Punishment
    • Abuse of neutrality will not be tolerated. Breaking neutrality rules, you will be subject to a fine based on the severity of the infraction. Severe or repeated infractions may result in removal of your neutrality and/or punishment at the server level at the discretion of the administrators.
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