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Syndicaliste Staff Application

Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by XSphinxHDX, Jun 2, 2019.

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  1. Red

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    Sep 11, 2018
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    Believe it or not, this is a minecraft server, and I am not a fully grown adult. When people, specifically the owner of my favorite minecraft server, say things that blatantly belittle me, I'll take some of it to heart. Your argument here is that I shouldnt think that the things he says are shitting on me, but I fail to see how I could interpret them in any other way.

    So yes, some of the things said do in fact hurt me. Does this mean I should just be less sensitive, or should the owner be more sensitive to the community, and not cuss them out, say they have severe mental health issues, call them a blatant racist, and extremely toxic? I know I make mistakes, I'm expected to, I'm not a mature adult. Management consists of exclusively mature adults, and I thought that you would understand that carries different weight, and your opinion affects me.

    EDIT: Apologies to Sphinx for turning his thread into my own personal flamewar. I will cease and desist now.

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  2. danghannistan

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    Aug 15, 2018
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    This is your fundamental problem. You think whenever someone says something that contradicts what you think or have said, that they are attacking YOU. This is not the case. Again, what Derp's response was criticizing was your argument. Not you. This is what he means when he says you make everything about yourself, because yet again that is what you have done on this thread, for the second time.

    If you count criticism, which you have been proving true with your derail, as belittling you, I could understand why you'd think that. I'm going to give you a free lesson, on me: just because someone says something that is contrary to your beliefs, positions, or words, does not mean they're belittling you. The world does not revolve around you. Stop acting as if it does.

    Severe issues is not the same as "severe mental health issues" (mental health is not a joke, and if you have mental issues you should seek professional help). He never called you a racist, that whole list of what gets removed applies to everything that gets removed, not just your content. Again you've made something about yourself when it wasn't. You are toxic. You can be nice, and I've seen that side to you; but, your behavior at certain points in the past and as of late has been nothing but toxic. That isn't an insult. It's a fact.

    No one here on the staff team is out to "belittle" you. If you have taken offense, or felt intense negative emotion because of something Derp has said, it's because you're choosing to.

    I agree, you're not mature. You have proven that time after time with how you behave. I also agree that you make mistakes, and I'd also agree that you're expected to, because everyone makes mistakes at times; however, the difference with most people is that they learn from their mistakes. You have not, clearly, because you are again derailing a thread and making it Red's thread. It isn't Red's thread. It isn't about Red. It has nothing to do with Red.

    Since you can't resist derailing, and you're still exhibiting the same behavior that got you banned from Discord, you're being given a forum ban.

    To prevent further off-topic discussion, I am locking this thread.
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