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The Avengers

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sinyphus, May 16, 2020.

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    Jun 17, 2019
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    The Japanese Vyrewatch encounters the Moosebobby, the leader of a powerful race known as the Nexus. In exchange for retrieving Lofi, a powerful town of unknown potential, Moosebobby promises Vyrewatch an army with which he can subjugate the nation known as Nemesis. Asdeo, Leader of the Nemesis Nation, and his friend _Bloody arrive at Lofi during an Evacuation, where physicist Dr. Randall is leading a team experimenting on defenses for Lofi to keep it safe. Dr_Chocolate explains that the town has begun growing at an exponential rate. Lofi is suddendly flagged and a army is spotted from afar, Vyrewatch seen leading the army headed straight to Lofi. Vyrewatch attempts to flag the town resulting in a drastic defeat, after a long and stressfull battlle, for Japan however he's capable of brainwashing bobbyravioli to their side.

    In response to the attack, Asdeo reactivates the "Nemesis Alliance Initiative". AdmiralAlideen is sent to an Saint-Ayrith to recruit Adamuria to trace the town of Japan through its massive claims. Dr_Chocolate visits Sinyphus to have him review attack on Lofi, and Asdeo approaches Acid_Monkey with an assignment to lead the fights agaisnt Japan to avoid their possible impending doom.

    In Liltokyo, Asign uses materials to craft gear and make gapples needed for Japan to fight wars while Vyrewatch causes a distraction, leading to a brief confrontation with Acid_Monkey, Sinyphus
    Randall and the nemesis alliance, that ends with Vyrewatch's surrender. While Vyrewatch is moving his town to a different location both Stronghold and Snowstorm 2 japanese towns are discovered by Nemesis members. Diamonds_PVP, Vyrewatch's biggest threat, arrives after much negotiation with nemesis leader, asdeo, hoping to convince him to help Nemesis in the fight agaisnt Japan. After a confrontation with Sinyphus and Acid_Monkey, Vali, a owner of a japenese town, agrees to hand over his gunpowder grinder to Nemesis after hours of negotiation.

    The Nemesis Alliance become divided, both over how to approach Vyrewatch relentlessly in fear of killing the servers activity and the revelation that Nemesis proved to be outnumbered after the reveal of Japan's true size. As Nemesis argues as to what the best course of action is, Sinyphus goes agaisnt Acids orders not to bomb Japanese towns without a plan causing an uproar and triggering a fight at Snowstorm, a japenese town. Sinyphus and Adamuria work to breach the walls of snowstorm only to be met by Vyrewatch who stops them in their path. Only moments after a flag is spotted and a fight begins at snowstorm with all of Nemesis in one singular side. Nemesis members fall victims to the traps laid by the japanese suffering casualties however when it was least expected Adamuria became enraged after falling in the trap and killed every japanese member trying to ambush him only to be met by the faith of death after his armour breaks and he runs out of gapples. Meanwhile with Sinyphus focused on sticking with Alletic and helping him target Japans core members Randall flanks Snowstorm from the west side sneaking in flags while the fight has everyone distracted. After a hard battle the Japanese retreat momentarily to regear and while that occurs Diamonds_PVP orders Sinyphus to build his cannon to make a crater where the trap is located. After building the railgun, Sinyphus special cannon, a massive explosion is heard and where there used to be a trap there was only now a crater. With the trap gone and the Japanese members returning to fight swords clashed and Nemesis came out winning and with Snowstorm gone and Japans morale broken there was only one town left to lay siege on, Vyrewatchs main town Liltokyo.

    After finding Liltokyo with the help of Adamuria, Diamonds_PVP and Sparkledog begin flagging Vyrewatch when he least expected from 2 different sides leaving Japan unable to defend for a while. It is only after Diamonds_PVP and Sparkdog managed to get 8 claims into Liltokyo 25 chunk base that they are killed by the Japanese forces. Meanwhile a few dats later _Adzy and Sinyphus thirsty for a fight arrive at Liltokyo with the intent to suicide flag them since no Nemesis member was responding to their request for help did people start showing up. Now with all of Nemesis members in the field the final. battle began. Without telling anyone Sinyphus staged a fight west of Liltokyo to give Diamonds_PVP and Randall an opening to flag from the east side while the Japanese forces were busy leading the Nemesis nation to claim 9 more chunks into Liltokyo. After Japan realised the fight was a fake they moved in to kill both Randall and diamonds however it proved to be unsuccessful due to the Nemesis members following right after them. The final battle occured on a stone cold platform. Swords clashed, deaths from all sides but in the end Nemesis came out victorious. In the aftermath of the battle Acid_Monkey declared the war was over now that Japan had retreated and thus the Nemesis Alliance would break off only to be assembled once again when another Moosebobby like threat were to ever show up in the server again. Most Nemesis members broke off to pursue their own goals. Sinyphus made Ayrinthel, a nation to keep fighting other nations who proved to be a threat to any nation allied to Nemesis. Soon after Randall, Adzy, Alletic, Adamuria, Dragons and more joined his nation. Diamonds_PVP returned to Primal his home land and Asdeo stayed in Nemesis taking care of the nation. One day a new threat will arise and all of the seperate members that went their own ways will return to their thrones to keep the world safe.

    I would like to thank BobbyRavioli for giving me inspiration to write this and great moral support ly bobby

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