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The Mighty Houses of Civwars

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Bleeep, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Bleeep

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    Mar 21, 2017
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    Recently, there has been a growing plea for new ideas to be implemented that enhance the Vanilla experience that CivWars has provided for many years. I have noticed that one of the aspects that made CivWars so unique in the past has been absent from the server play-style recently: politics and the relationships between different nations. Yesterday, Vali brought up what I immediately recognized to be a great point. CivWars is in need of a rebranding of sorts, and a reintroduction of the political style of play would be a great first step to diversify the type of player the server attracts.

    So, this leads me to my suggestion: Great CivWars Houses. First, let me say that this initiative's goal would be used to incentivize players to engage more in political play, but what is a CivWars House? A CivWars House is a role-play cooperative between players aligned with one another with the goal of 'conquering' the land of CivWars every month. The conquering would not be literal per se - more on that later.

    Current nations may apply to become CivWars Houses, but they must meet and maintain certain requirements to be considered a CivWars House.
    • 15 unique members in the nation
    • $5,000 in the nation bank at the end of every month
    • A written lore behind the origins of the CivWars House - keeping the memes to a minimum.
    So, what would the incentives be for a nation to apply for House status? This would give nations the opportunity to partake in the fictional conquering of CivWars every month by accumulating points for achieving particular tasks. What would these tasks be, and how would the point system work? Does this account for neutrality as well?

    Points From War:
    • +2 points for winning a skirmish against an opposing House. Log the victory on the forums and attach screenshots to prove victory.
    • +1 point for every confirmed kill of a player from an opposing House. Provide screenshots on the thread logging the skirmish to receive credit.
    • +1 point for every chunk won from an opposing House through flag war
    • +5 points for winning the home block of an opposing House
    Points From Building:
    • +1 point for every build of 16x16 or larger completed. This doesn't mean building 16x16 cobblestone boxes will count towards this category. The build must be submitted to the forums in order to receive credit for it.
    • +2 for any building that would be considered an important monument. Examples: churches, government buildings, statues, etc.
    Points From Diplomacy:
    • +1 point for every new ally made by your House
    • +2 points for organizing an event put on by your House. This event must include multiple Houses to receive credit.
    • +1 point for every 5 new members to your House
    • +1 for every new Town added to your House
    This is obviously a barebones list of items, and they would be subject to change if balancing issues occurred. New items could be added if there is anything else the community deemed deserved points.

    So, the end of the month is here and you've slaughtered every enemy soldier, built several monuments, and even put on a server event for other Houses! What do you get for all of your hard work? What if you didn't take first place?
    • 1st place would receive the grand prize for that month
    • 2nd and 3rd place would receive a runner-up prize for that month
    • 4th and lower would receive a participation prize for that month
    Prizes would change or vary depending on the month, but they would be well worth a House's time to compete for them.

    In Conclusion:
    This is a primitive idea that I have that I think could provide a new dynamic to the way nations interact with one another. I think it would be fun to bring a politically infused role-play aspect back to the community, and give people prizes for participating. It could potentially promote interaction amongst different nations, and give the community something fresh to work on. This would all be logged and kept up with using the forums. Thanks for reading, and please leave your feedback and any additional suggestions you'd like to see for a role-play system like this.
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  2. Boywolfpup

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    Mar 13, 2017
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    Very cool Bleeep, thank you for your suggestion!
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    Aug 17, 2018
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    Lord Acid of house Monkey