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    FTen Staff Application #2 ( I know it's a week early!)

    I have taken a hit at work, I have a nephew being born but I have full plans to become active once more.
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    The Big Suggestions Thread

    I agree with the proposed changes. These are very thought out and I believe these would move CivWars forward. Massive +1.
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    FTen Staff Application #2 ( I know it's a week early!)

    To apply for a staff position please use the following template and only this template, anyone using a different template will just be declined instantly. In game name: FTen Age: Nineteen! Country/Timezone: United Kingdom. Why do you believe you should be staff?: I believe I hold the maturity...
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    NemesisV2 Updated for 1.16.5

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    Pending lilyuh staff application

    +1 ! Lilyuh is a mature, fantastic and a great guy who always rises above the toxicity around him. I support Lilyuh as a fantastic staff member.
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    Pending RedTillDead Moderator Application

    Red.. Red... Red... I think this man has gone through his own trials on CivWars and has many positives and negatives to him. I for one would love to see Red as moderator on CivWars for the main reason, he cares about the community. I have never met anyone more dedicated to the upkeep of CivWars...
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    Denied Admin Application

    I wish I could be like you! +1
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    I need to know how hot spooder's mom is

    I mean REALLY hot.
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    FTen | MrGerbil Introduction

    Hey Acid <3
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    Pending slimdude staff application, or something

    -1 While I have concerns about Slim's activity and stability on a server. (As long as I've known him he's been quite on and off on terms of activity) and we do not need anymore non active staff I have no doubt if he does keep up with the stability and activity he will be a fantastic assets to...
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    Thinking about Administrator Microwaves!?

    Thinking about Administrator Microwaves!?
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    Denied Sheepy for mod THE SEQUEL

    - 1 Sheepy! I am here to tell you here that those will not get you moderator (obviously) I am aware that you're slightly meme'ing and you're making a meme but you're making it harder if you decide in the future if you decide you actually DO want it.
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    Cresterz Mod Application

    +1. I do believe this man can and will serve the community well as a moderator due to him being a very fantastic newer member of the community. He has been eager to learn about CivWars about the ins and outs about the server. He has been fantastic with his position in the town and nation he is...
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    Denied Phurry (hear me out)

    What did you ask? hmmm???????????

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