Ban appeal for discord and practice server


New member

Why were you banned/muted?: I was banned on the practice server falsely by the anticheat. I was also banned on the discord server for appealing the ban in a way which i shouldnt have. I used the #media channel to call Red biased and say #FREEFREECASHER because the ban wasnt lifted when i made a ticket.

Who banned/muted you?: Banned by Red in the discord server and banned by anticheat in the practice server

For how long are you banned/muted?: Perm

Why did you break the rule(s) that got you banned/muted?: I didnt break any rules on the practice server prior to the ban by the anticheat. And i broke the rules on the discord server because i was muted in the general chat and used the #media to say that i should be unbanned.

Why do you believe you should be unbanned/unmuted?: I have my upmost apologies to Red for causing trouble on the discord server. i will learn and grow from this incident and become a better person. And my ban on the practice server was truly false.

Anything else you think we should know: Im sorry for everyone i have caused trouble to

Are you interested in singing in the Civwars Karaoke for a further reduction/complete removal of ban/mute? (if eligible): no

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