CivWars Towny Ban Appeal


New member
IGN: xzpython

Why were you banned/muted?: I was banned for an unfair advantage. If there are more reasons, I can't find them.

Who banned/muted you?: It doesn't say.

For how long are you banned/muted?: I don't know at the moment.

Why did you break the rule(s) that got you banned/muted?: I was getting extremely lazy while on my way to get far from my town. So, I then decided to use speed hacks to speed up the travel process.

Why do you believe you should be unbanned/unmuted?: Because CivWars is one of the most entertaining servers I've been on in a while, I would like to be unbanned. If you believe that my choices could be forgiven, thats great. If not, I won't complain. But that belief is really up to you.

Anything else you think we should know: I'm bored

Are you interested in singing in the Civwars Karaoke for a further reduction/complete removal of ban/mute? (if eligible): I will have to sadly decline. If I were to sing, my voice would sound worse than scratching a fork on a plate.

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