Dungeon idea

Hi guys

I know we are all awaiting the soon to be re released but this is something of an idea for all to enjoy and for something which can be a fresh idea and opens up space for expansion.

The main part of the idea is something along the lines of CivDungeons (name by sheepy, thank you). This would be a dungeon which can be done in 3 different modes, solo mode, 3 people or 5 (could change it to solo or 2+). This will mean that if you are by yourself you can do it on a difficulty for just you and then you can enjoy with your friends to take on the dungeon as a team.

The dungeon can consist of different sets of mobs and then also potentially a end boss at the end which could have specific abilities like throwing you in the air, spitting dragon breath on you or giving you a wither effect etc. after killing the end boss you will be rewarded loot which can be anything we decide at a potential later date if this gets good reviews.

The main piece of loot I was going to suggest which could have certain drop chances could be stuff like Civ Lore items, for example “Derps Long Lost Shiv” or “Dreadmores Golden Bow” or some shit like that. This type of loot will be limited edition to just the dungeon and will stuff along the lines of Looting 4 diamond sword and punch 3 bow. Stuff which won’t be overly OP but which would be a cool little edition to the dungeons.

The main idea for this is to add something for people to be able to do on peaceful days, downtime of war or to be honest just when people are getting bored of just constantly grinding for gear or building bases. This is something which we could add record timings for solo and multiple parties and could even potentially add other dungeons at a later time as this has plenty of room to expand on.

I am mainly posting this as not something that is being mainly considered but more of something which will be out there for people to decide on and if this is something which the majority of people might be interested in, we could look at adding it and tweaking potentially but my main aim here is to genuinely see what peoples thoughts are first and go from there.

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