Pending FernuxKing/AscendantBakura Mod Application


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IGN: AscendantBakura (Formerly FernuxKing)
Age: 21
Country/Timezone: USA, EST
Why do you believe you should be staff?: Because I have experience in being staff, specifically on Civwars, and i've been a veteran player, who knows how to maintain good communication among players.
What would you bring to our current staff team?: I can give a good assessment of how things can be improved and/or adjusted to bring in new players, and to bring in a new era of a popular civwars
If you could bring one change to Civwars, what would it be?: Enhancing war benefits, to promote wars, win or lose, and make people less afraid of fighting, and to have more fun in setting up server politics, through such
Anything else to add?: I can also edit emotes for the server.
Edit: I can also help w/ advertising :)
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All the things u said about advertising and promoting politics you can do that without being mod so you will be useless anyway.


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+1 fern has been around for quite some time and knows the rules pretty well, only bloody and I are the only mods on with mlg sometimes during the late hours so another addition is nice especially with someone more avilable to be on

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