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Forum Rules

For the most part staff will follow the Forums Section of the Guideline for Punishments but depending on severity or repetition staff may divert from them. If you receive a permanent mute or ban, it must be appealed to remove it. If you are banned or muted and would like to appeal it please create a post in the Appeals section of the forums. If you are unable to access the forums please create a ticket on the discord. The reset period in the Guideline for Punishment is the period of time the player must not commit the offense (once the current punishment is over) to reset the players offenses to 0 for that punishment.​

  1. 1. The forums are SFW: Please keep them that way. Overtly sexual and questionable messages may result in punishment

  2. 2. English Chat: Chat should remain in English

  3. 3. Discriminatory Speech: Offensive remarks based on, but not limited to age, disability, genetics, health, race, religion, creed, ethnicity, gender, or sexuality are strictly prohibited.

  4. 4. Personal Security: No Blackmailing, DDoS, Doxing or sharing of other people’s personal information (addresses, names, phone numbers, etc.) Do not share the personal information of others without their consent.

  5. 5. Spam: Repeating the same message multiple times (3+ times in 15 minutes) is prohibited. You will also be punished if you are repeating every message twice.

  6. 6. Use of Caps: Excessive use of capital letters is prohibited

  7. 7. Harassment: Do not harass other players

  8. 8. Large Arguments: Please take large arguments to PMs to keep from derailing a thread

  9. 9. Old Posts: Do not bump posts older than 1 month without valid reason.

  10. 10. Malicious Links: Do not post malicious links. These include but are not limited to phishing links, links to cheats or exploits, etc.

  11. 11. Double Post: If you are the most recent poster on a thread, edit your post if you need to change or add something. Do not double post.
  12. 12. Signatures: Please keep your signatures reasonable. No need for craziness! :D
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