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Hi everyone!

Here are some basic guidelines for if you feel like suggesting or just voicing your concerns, critique and other issues you have with the server.

1. Please be respectful
We are all people here, please do refrain from name-calling, toxicity, trolling or any of that stuff, be civil down there when discussing.

2. Be constructive
While it can be easy to start a rant or vent about problems, which we can completely understand, please try to at least write down the issues or suggestions you have as best as you can (and solutions & how it could be implemented if you can)

3. Readability
While we certainly love the enthusiasm of wanting to help via giving us suggestions or critique, we'd really appreciate it if you make it easy for us and other players to read your text, try to break it down into different parts and segments of what you want to discuss.

That's all, happy posting guys!
Not open for further replies.

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