Hi, I'm FernuxKing


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Hey, I'm FernuxKing, but you'll probably see me on the server as AscendantBakura, now.

I've been playing on civ since 2015, when my buddy Toxic brought me on w/ his brother and some IRL friends, for a while. Eventually, they got bored and fucked off, but I stayed behind and made friends w/ Tall, Red, and Duhbuzz. I'm mostly notable for assisting people in wars, making Redstone machinery, as well as being one of the reasons tall almost quit (sorry btw, lmao) and the guy who got clapped the most in 1v1 wars against Dreadmore.

I've been playing SMT: Imagine and Nocturne, as of late, but when I got told this server was coming back, I said fuck it, so here we are again. Cant wait to see how I fuck around and find out this time, with you guys.

Good to be back, everyone.


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