Koalabear's Suggestion part 1

Hey guys, I am back once again, different forums but same old me suggesting loads of random stuff :D

I will keep this one short and sweet as it is something which kind of explains it straight away but I noticed this is something some people are mentioning quite a bit so I thought id suggest it and see what people think:

So the idea is, for every tool or sword you can get a Statrak tracker on the item so you can track how many blocks you have broken, how many mobs or players you have killed. I was thinking this might be something very easy to implement, easy to add into the game as you could add them to the rare/epic and civwars crates or even make it so you can get it from mining/fishing like the gems and artifacts etc.

Let me know what people think and comment anything you want to add to this idea below but if you like the idea give this post a arrow up and we can get this added asap :D

Thank you for reading :)


Staff member
I upvoted. I think its a very good idea! Maybe for swords there could be one that tracks the names of people its killed? Could be a good way to create legendary swords.

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