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To submit an application for nation neutrality please make a post in the neutrality application section of our forums. To be accepted, every player and town in your nation must meet the requirements listed below. Violations of these rules may result in fines or loss of neutrality.

1. Players in the nation cannot have initiated a war-flag attack in the last 60 days.
2. Players in the nation Cannot have been involved in any PvP engagement in the last 30 days (may be waived in case of self defense)
3. No players outside of your town may have items stored in your town when you become neutral.
4. You must make a security deposit of 20,000$, to be returned in 120 days assuming no neutrality rules are broken

Please familiarize yourself with the rules regarding neutrality. It is the nation leader's responsibility to ensure all nation members act accordingly. If violated, punishments can range from small fines up to removal of neutrality and ineligibly to reapply in the future. For your convenience, they have been relisted here.

1. Neutrality payments are to be made on the 15th of every month. The price of neutrality per nation is $35,000 per month. If you cannot afford this payment, your neutrality will be removed.
2. Players in your nation may not war-flag, or otherwise participate in any wars or battles.
3. Neutral players may not allow other players to store items in their town.
4. Neutral towns/players can not function as a "factory" for a warring group/player. Selling war supplies is allowed, however, exclusively funding one side of a war to the point where you are functioning as a "factory" is not allowed. Similarly, warring players may not use farms owned by neutral players.
5. You may not untoggle neutrality temporarily to participate in an offensive and retoggle it later.
a. Towns/players may leave neutral nations at any time, but must wait AT LEAST 48 hours since they left to participate in any PvP/military engagement, including warflagging.
6. Neutral players must act in a way that does not incite violence. When in another player’s town they must follow the wishes of the mayor. Threats, intimidation, and insults are all prohibited. If you are attacked as a neutral player you may only fight back if you believe you are going to die.
7. It is the nation and town leaders' responsibility to instruct all their citizens to not participate in any war-related PvP conflict or war-flagging.
With neutrality you are also awarded certain protections. Anyone who violates these protections should be reported, if not immediately resolved by an online staff member.

1. Other players/nations may not attack neutral nation towns or members in ways such as, but not limited to, TNT cannoning or PVP while inside the neutral territory. However, neutral players outside of their territory may be attacked.
2. If you are asked by a neutral nation to leave their town, you must comply.
Application Format - should be made only by the nation leader


Capital Town:

Towns in Nation:

Do you accept the responsibility of being held liable should one of your nation members break the rules?:

Upon completion of this application, you will be asked a specific question about the rules to ensure your comprehension. Please be prepared to answer that question in a timely manner.
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