Accepted RedTillDead Ban Appeal


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IGN: RedTillDead

Why were you banned/muted?:
Advertising/Neo-Nazi Behavior

Who banned/muted you?:

For how long are you banned/muted?:

Why did you break the rule(s) that got you banned/muted?:
Since I am banned for two reasons, this answer will be in two parts.
In regards to the advertising; I was no longer active on the server, and had been making my own server which needs not a mention here. Quite frankly I wasn't thinking, I dmed some people on CivWars to join a Discord group I was making in order to get hype for my server, and a few days later I was banned. I think everyone who played CivWars at the time is familiar with how well my server went, and I was left without CivWars and without my own server. TLDR: I didn't think about my actions, and I refused to take responsibility for them afterwards, saying some pretty vile stuff about the management team which I deeply regret.
As for the "Neo-Nazi Behavior", I do know what this is in reference to as well. I have said many, many things, and posted many more, that are insensitive, disgusting, and more than condemnable. As a result of this, I have pushed away many people who were near and dear to me (you know who you are), and have lost out on many opportunities. While everything I said was in jest, that didn't change the content of what I was saying. Simply why I said it is I thought it was funny at the time, I could say it's because of how I grew up, or who I kept company with in my formative years, but that's passing the blame. It was all me, and I am more than regretful of it.

Why do you believe you should be unbanned/unmuted?:
There are some of you who in the last year got to know me for who I really am. There are many more of you who know I have been given more than one chance, and are tired of me making excuses and coming back again. I want only for the opportunity to show more people my true side, beyond the mistakes of my past.

Anything else you think we should know:
I know well my chances of an unban are slim, but I want to thank you for reading this anyways, whoever chooses to. I've met so many new people from the Civ community and I am sorry that I wasn't around to meet all of you. But for those of you who I've met and made friends with, and to those of you who I've known for years and we're only just now working things out, I just want to thank you. You guys are the best.
I think I've come a long way from when I was banned. I was 17 at the time, bored out of my mind, looking for mischief to get into. I am 19 now, and while the year difference isn't that great, I think what counts is how far I've come. I am now a full-time employee, a full-time student, and I would like to show people that side of me, if I'm given the chance.

Are you interested in singing in the Civwars Karaoke for a further reduction/complete removal of ban/mute? (if eligible):


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Red, I've been friends for you for years. Both through Civwars and through the ups and downs of both of our personal lives. You've helped me through a lot and I hope I've been able to do the same for you. If this appeal isn't genuine, I don't really know what is. I'd love to see you back where we made so many memories all those years ago. Good Luck Bud.


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i didnt even have to read this to give it my genuine +1, but i did anyways and that shows a lot. though chances are slim red is one of my favorite people and i would love to see him in game :,)))
edit: red is also a big part of civ history and i'd love to see him make more of it since he always keeps things interesting. red is one of my good friends and by now i can vouch for his application being nothing short of genuine
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Give the man a shot everyone deserves a proper send off, +1

Best of luck to you genuinely, wherever your choices leave you.

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Despite everything there was true character in each and every conversation we had down to the last one and I see it in this appeal more than any. I don't really see you getting unbanned based on faulty principle held by staff but whether what I see here is genuine or otherwise it has great potential in the world we live in.

Just because I know you will read this, congratulations on employment and school work. You hate us but we are pulling for you.

- RedeemifiedBeef (AAStrong)
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I've been in communication with Red. In my eyes, he has changed and matured since then.
I do believe he is indeed deserving of another chance.


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Took a while for me to actually give my 2 cents, but regardless of how much he hates me and the back and fourths we've had recently, Red has been a genuine pleasure to work with on projects outside of Minecraft.

I have plenty of reason to believe that, regardless of if he is a neo-nazi or not, when its something he actually gives a fuck about, he'll cut the shit and become a genuinely decent person to be around. He has been calm, patient and caring towards me personally, and past all the differences we have, Red is honestly a well moraled and level headed individual when needed and has applied his qualities in professional circumstance.

I trusted him with my passion project and still do, no matter how long it takes to patch a broken war system, and clearly the members trust him more too.

As such, putting aside my doubts, I think its only fair I give him a +1.
and obviously more warring players are better for the server imo, we all know my stance on neutrals by now.


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I've known Red for most of my time as a player, occasionally being within the same towns. He is probably one of the most sociable players I know, and CivWars hasn't felt the same since his ban.

Despite him interrupting my vacation, my grandfathers funeral, and disturbing my "offline" time by asking for PC building/buying advice, he's been a good guy to chat with every now and then.

+1 for unban. We need more Pseudo-neutrals.


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I respect that you didn't try to evade your ban constantly and also make it your life goal the try and "kill" the server like some other people who have been blacklisted.

Hopefully those 2 years and having become a legal adult has given a different outlook on why things went down they way they did and I hope you and I both can move past them, because I'm willing to.

Welcome back to CivWars, @RedTillDead

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