Accepted RedTillDead Moderator Application

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+1 look, red has had his ups and downs. yeah hes done toxic stuff but thats representative of the community as a whole. reds a decent guy with plenty of ideas and experience under his belt. the staff team would be stupid to reject him


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Good Evening, Red,

So I have read this application more than a handful of times which is more than I usually do. I know you have helped me a ton and it seems you have turned a new leaf. Despite my admins telling me to promote you I have chosen to deny your application for the time being.

With all the things that have happened in the past with you on the staff team and things that have happened as a player, I don't have enough trust to put you in a position on the staff team, yet.

I want to wait and come back to this in a month or two and see if you are still as committed as you were now.

I truly feel you can be a great asset to the team but I just can't push myself to accept this as of right now.

I wouldn't say it is denied, I will revisit this in time and make a decision then.

If you have any questions feel free to pm me as always.

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